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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Leader A manager who earns the respect and cooperation of employees to effectively accoplish the work of the organization
Leadership The ability to influence individuals and groups to cooperatively achieve organizational goals
Human Relations How well people get along with each other when working together
Power The ability to control behavior
Position power The position the manager holds in the organization
Reward Power Power based on the abilityh to control rewards and punishments
Expert Power Power given to people because of their superior knowledge about work
Indentity Power Power given to the people because others identify with and want to be accepted by them
Leadership Style The general way a manager treats and supervises employees
Autocratic Leader One who gives direct, clear, and precise orders with detail instructions as to what, when, and how is to be done
Democratic Leader One who encourages workers to share in making decisions about their work and workrelated problems
Open leader A manager who gives little or no direction to employees
Situational Leader One who understands employees and job requirements and matches his or her actions and decisions to the circumstances
Work Rules Are regulations created to maintain an effective working environment in a business
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