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Herb: Drain Dampness

Drain Dampness

Tong Cao Sweet/Cool (UB, HT, SI) *Substitute for Mu Tong 1.Clears heat,promotes Urination, unblocks Lin syndrome 2.Drains heart fire 3.Promotes lactation 4.Damp heat Bi syndrome 5.Amenorrhea due to blood stasis
Qu Mai Bitter / Cold (UB, HT, SI) 1.Clears heat, promotes urination, Lin syndrome 2. Invigorates the blood & unblocks the channels 3. Amenorrhea, irregular mense
Bian Xu Bitter/ Slightly cold (UB) 1. Clears heat,promotes urination, unblocks Lin 2. Kills parasites and stops itching(damp rashes)
Di Fu Zi Sweet, Bitter/ Cold (UB) 1. Clears heat, promotes urination & unblocks Lin 2. Eliminates dampness & Stops itching due to damp heat (eczema, oily acne,dermatitis)
Shi Wei Bitter, Sweet/ Slightly cold (UB, LU) 1.Clears heat,promotes urination & unblocks Lin(hot,stone & bloody Lin syndrm) 2.Clears LU heat& trnsfrms phlegm (bronchitis, coughing& wheezing w/copious sputum due to LU heat) 3. Stops bleeding due to heat
Bi Xie Bitter/ Neutral (UB, LV & ST) 1. Drains dampness & Expels turbidity (paste Lin, turbid urine, leukorrhea) 2. Wind-damp Bi syndrome (lower back pain, numbness, muscle aches) 3. Clear damp heat from skin (eczema, acne, pustular sores)
Yin Chen Hao Bitter, ACRID/ cool (LV, GB, Sp, St) 1. Clears heat& drains dampness 2. JAUNDICE!!! 3. Benefits GB, damp-warm febrile disease, Lv and GB damp-heat 4. damp rashes & sores (acne) 5. Reduces high cholesterol
Dong Kui Zi Sweet/ Cold (UB, LI, SI) * MAKES EVERYTHING SLIPPERY! 1.Clears heat, promotes urination& unblocks Lin (lubricates urinary tract) 2. promotes lactation 3. Lubricates the intestines
Ding Xin Cao Sweet, Bland/ Slightly cold (HT, LU, SI) 1. Clears heat, promotes urination & unblocks the Lin 2.Clears heart heat (irritability, restlessness, insomnia, night crying babies)
Jin Qian Cao Sweet, Bland/ Neutral (UB, GB, Kd, Lv) 1.Clears heat, promotes urination, unblocks Lin 2. Expels stones (urinary stone, gallstone) 3. Jaundice, hepatitis (clears heat & dampness) 4. Relieves toxicity (sores, carbuncles, snakebites, burns)
Hai Jin Sha Sweet, Bland/ Cold (SI, UB) 1. Clears heat, promotes urination & unblocks Lin (hot, blood, stone, paste Lin) 2. Clear SI and UB damp heat, especially alleviate pain in the urinary tract 2. Expels Stones & edema *Place it in a filter before decoction
Fu LIng Sweet, Bland/ Neutral (Ht, Sp, Lu) 1.Promotes urination & leaches out dampness 2.Water damp accumulation, edema 3. Phlegm congested fluid 4. Jaundice, Lin Syndrome 5.Strengthen SP & ST 6. Calms shen(palpitation, insomnia)
Zhu Ling Sweet, Bland/ Slightly cool (Sp, Kd, UB) 1.Promotes urination & leaches out dampness (stronger than Fu Ling) 2.Lin syndrome 3.Anti cancer, relieve side effects of chemotheraphy& radiation
Ze Xie Sweet, Bland/ Cold (Kd, UB) 1. Promotes urination&leaches out dampness 2.Drain heat from Low Jiao (KD &UB) 3.Dizziness & vertigo due to damp-phlegm& congested fluid 4.Reduce blood cholesterol & works anti- fatty liver
Yi Yi Ren Sweet,Bland/Slightly cold 1.Promotes urination& leaches out dampness 2.Damp-warm febrile disease(thypoid,parathypoid)3.Strengthen SP(dry fried)4.Expels wind- damp Bi syn(heavy,aching,sinew spasms)5.Expels pus/Lu,intstinl abscess 6.damp heat 7.Anti cancer
Dong Gua Ren Sweet/ Cold (Lu, St, LI, SI) 1. Clears heat & expels phlegms 2. Promotes the discharge of pus/ Lu heat causing cough, also lung& intestinal abscess 3. Drains dampness/ damp heat (puslike vaginal discharge)
Sheng Jiang Pi Acrid/ Cool Promotes urination & reduces edema
Che Qian Zi Sweet/ Cold (UB,Kd,Lv,Lu)1.Clears heat,promotes urination,unblocks Lin 2.Watery diarrhea3.Brighten eyes/red,swollen painful eyes due to Lv fire, dizziness, blurry vision due to Lv & Kd xu 4.Clears heat&transform phlegm/phlegm heat coughing 5.Hypertension
Hua Shi Sweet, Bland/ Cold (St, UB) 1. Promotes urination, unblocks Lin(heat& stone Lin syndrome) 2.Clears summer heat/summer-damp, damp-warm febrile disease 3. Astringes sores/ damp skin lesion(eczema, woozy secretion)
Chi Xiao Dou Sweet, Sour/Neutral (Ht, SI) 1. Clears heat, promotes urination 2. Reduces jaundice (also hepatitis) 3. Disperse blood stasis, reduces swelling& relieves fire toxicity (boils, sores, carbuncles)
Yu Mi Xu Sweet/ Neutral (UB, GB, Lv) 1. Promotes urination, heat Lin, Stone Lin Syndrome, nephritis, UTI 2.Benefits GB & removes jaundice 3.Diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, gallstone, sinus, asthma
Ban Bian Lian Sweet/ Neutral (Ht, Lu, SI) 1. Promotes urination& reduces edema, ascites 2.Relives toxicity/ heat toxin pattern (carbuncles, snakebites, wasp stings, poison ivy..)
Drain-dampness herb that removes stones *Shi Wei*/ Jin Qian Cao/ Hai Jin Sha
Drain-dampness herb that treats Jaundice * Yin Chen Hao* / Jin Qian Cao/ Chi Xiao Dou/ Yu Mi Xu/ Fu Ling
Drain-dampness herb that Clears Heart heat Tong Cao, Mu Tong (Heart fire)/ Deng Xin Cao(Heart heat)
Drain-dampness herb that stops itching due to damp-heat(eczema,acne etc) *Di Fu Zi*(most commom use)/ Bi Xie(expels turbidity, wind-damp Bi)/ Bian Xu(kills parasites)/ Yin Chen Hao(Benefits GB, The herb for jaundice)/ Hua Shi(clear summer heat)
Drain-dampness herb that treat wind-damp Bi syndrome Yi Yi Ren/ Bi Xie
Drain-dampness herb that benefits Gallbladder *Yin Chen Hao*/ Yu Mi Xu
Drain-dampness herb that clears Lung heat& transforms Phlegm & stops bleeding Shi Wei
Drain-dampness herb that reduces cholestrol Ze Xie/ Yin Chen Hao
Drain-dampness herb that strengthen Spleen Fu Ling/ Yi Yi Ren
Drain-dampness herb that has sour taste Chi Xiao Dou
Drain-dampness herb that has acrid taste Yin Chen Hao
Drain-dampness herb that treats eye disorders Che Qian Zi
Drain-dampness herb that astringes sore/ skin lesions & clears summer heat Hua Shi
Drain-dampness herb that drains heat from Lower-Jiao Ze Xie
Drain-dampness herb for hypertension Che Qian Zi/ Yu Mi Xu
Drain-dampness herb that treats hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis Yu Mi Xu
Drain-dampness herb that are anti cancer Zhu Ling/ Yi Yi Ren
Drain-dampness herb that promote lactation Tong Cao(Mu Tong)/ Dong Kui Zi
Drain-dampness herb that kills parasite& stops itching Bian Xu
Drain-dampness herb that promotes lactation& moisten intestines Dong Kui Zi
Drain-dampness herb that strengthen Speen & expels pus/abscess & damp-warm febrile disease? Yi Yi Ren
Drain-dampness herb that strenthen Spleen & calms the shen? Fu Ling
Drain-dampness herb that expels phlegm, promotes discharge of pus(vaginal discharge, lung/intestinal abscess) Dong Gua ren
What's the long term side effect of Mu Tong? Renal failure
What are the channels for Tong Cao? UB, Ht, Si
What are the channels for Shi Wei? UB, Lu
Drain-dampness herb that expels turbid urine/paste Lin, wind-damp Bi and damp-heat skin lesions? Bi Xie
What are the channels for Yin Chen Hao? Lv, GB, Sp, St
What are the channels for Dong Kui Zi? UB, LI, SI
What are the channels for Deng Xin Cao? Ht, SI, Lu
What are the channels for Fu Ling? Ht, Sp, Lu
Drain-dampness herb that relieves toxicity(sores, carbuncles, snakebites etc)and expels stones Jin Qian Cao
Drain-dampness herb that relieves toxicity(sores, carbuncles, snakebites, poison ivy, wasp stings)& has prominent& persistent effect in promoting urination Ban Bian Lian
Drain-dampness herb that relieves fire toxicity(sores, carbuncles)and clears abdominal distention& leg Qi edema Chi Xiao Dou
Drain-dampness herb that for amenorrhea due to blood stasis Mu Tong/Tong Cao (drains Ht fire, promotes lactation)/ Qu Mai(esp., for hot Lin& BLOODY Lin)
Irritability, insomnia, sores& ulcers in the mouth and tongue is due to what? Heart fire rising
Created by: junskykim