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Art works that created for the sale purpose of being viewed Fine art
An artwork showing an arrangement of non-living objects, such as fruit, foods,bottles,books,or cut flowers. Still Life
Cubism An abstract style of art characterized by a separation of the subject into cubes and other geometric forms from multiple viewpoints the style was developed in Paris by a group of artists during the early part of the twentieth century
Landscape A drawing or painting that shows out door scenery such as trees,lakes,mountains,and fields
Sea scape An artwork that includes in the scene a sea,ocean,or shore
Artwork that gives a view of a city City Scape
A style of artwork that was developed during the two decades following world war two The Artists often used bold brush strokes or applied paint by pouring or splattering it onto huge canvases Also known as action painting Abstract Expressionism
fauvism A style of artwork developed by artists in France in the early twentieth century that used in bold color schemes and radical color placement
surrealism A style or art developed during the 1920's that combines realistic images and dream like ideas
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