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Most Dangerous Game

palpable easily felt or touched
indolently lazily
opaqueness darkness; does not let light pass through
quarry animal being hunted
chateau large country house
Cossack a member of a group from Ukraine, many of whom served as horsemen to the Russian czars and were famed for their fierceness in battle
disarming removing or lessening suspicions or fears
amenities comforts and conveniences
debacle an overwhelming defeat
imprudent unwise
scruples feelings of doubt or guilt about a suggested action
solicitiously in a concerned manner
opiate anything that tends to soothe or calm someone; may also be a drug used to relieve pain.
deplorable regrettable; very bad
precariously unsteadily; in an unstable manner
tangible substantially real; material; capable of being perceived or identified especially by the sense of touch
palatial magnificent
aristocrat a person of the upper class
affable courteous and agreeable in conversation
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