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CSIS 119 test 1

CSIS 119 - Introduction to Web Programming

Web pages are created using a special computer language called? HTML
The rules governing HTML are governed by the? W3C
The last version of HTML? 4.03
HTML was replaced with? XHTML
The three variations or flavors of XHTML are? Strict, Transitional, and Frameset
There are different ways in building a web page? text editor, software applications, online authoring or web authoring
Aside from the cost savings, a text editor does not include any ____ or ____ formatting like other application programs. hidden codes or additional
Tags are the _____ or _____ that tell a browser how to display a web page commands or instructions
All tags must be enclosed in? angle
Tags should also be typed in? lowercase letters
Most tags work in? pairs
The first tag in the set is generally known as the? opening tag
The second tag in the set is known as the closing tag
Tags can be _______ or ________. nested or stacked
Nested tags are tags that are found _______ (contained) other tags. inside
Stacked tags are found _______. side-by-side
Tags that must be present in every web page are called? operational tags
The four operational tags needed are? 1. html, 2. head, 3. title, 4. body
Tags can be grouped into four general categories? 1) operational tags, 2)formatting tags, 3) media tags, & 4) link tags
All tags should follow the three general rules or coding standards suggested by the W3C? 1. Use lowercase letters 2. No spaces in folders or filenames 3. If you open it close it
Techniques used to make it easier to read and locate errors is called? Code-beautification
Code-beautification includes using three things? 1. Use of comment tag 2. Adding line spacing between tags 3. Indent text
Formatting tags that are being phased out and that shouldn’t be used anymore with XHTML are called? deprecated tags
The term internet is short for? internetwork
The Internet is a __________________. Network of networks
The Internet had its beginnings in? 1969
The Internet was known as? ARPANET
Why was the internet created? in case of a Nuclear Attack
In 1984 ARAPANET was split into two different networks? ARPANET and MILNET
Three other networks created at this early stage of development were? CSNET, BITNET, and JANET
Main protocol responsible for message transmission? TCP/IP
A combination of protocols such as TCP/IP? Protocol Suite
Breaks the message into packets? TCP
Addresses the packets? IP
Transfers mails from server POP
Different search engines have different ways for helping the user in their web search. These techniques are? Conventional, Natural Language, and Met search
The five most popular reasons for going online are? Online Shopping, Writing Tool, Online Music, Online Education 3. News & Research
Access to the Internet can be? Fixed, Portable, or Mobile
The six fixed access options are: 1) Dial-up, 2) ISDN, 3) DSL, 4) Cable, 5) Satellite, and 6) WiMax
Public access to the Internet is possible because of? WiFi hotspots
Four popular browsers for personal computers are? Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Konqueror, and Safari
Web sites can be identified by their? URL or IP Address
The ______ is used to define a particular webserver. Doman Name
Software, in general, can be defined as a set of electronic? Instructions
Software can be divided into Two major categories? System software and Application software
System software is commonly known as? To Contral your hardware, To Run your programs and To Organize your information
System software can be divided into Four major categories: Utilities, Device Drivers, Language Translator, and Operating System (OS)
______ perform specific tasks related to your computer system. Utilities
Utilities can be access from ____ or ____. desktop Icon or by the Start
Some utilities can also be found in the? Central Panel
The latest version of MS Windows also contains specialized utilities called? Widgets
Some widgets can be seen on the computer’s? Desktop
Some of these widgets are _________, thus allowing you to see through them. Transparent
File management programs are designed to Manage the files on your? computer’s
The file management utility found in Windows-based computers is? Windows Explorer
Another category of system software is? Language Translator
Language Translator software is responsible for? Convert programming instructions into binary code
What do Device Driver do? allows all peripherals (Input/Output) to communicate with your computer system.
A Collection of programs that help manage and coordinate all activities of the computer is? operating system (OS)
One of the main responsibilities of an OS is to run? Software
The operating system is the ________ between the user and the computer. Interface
Two Interfaces exist for OS: Command Line and Graphic User Interface (GUI)
The first version of Windows was known as? Windows 3.X
What OS is popular for Mainframes and Supercomputers? Linux or Unix
The opening screen of Windows is known as the? Desktop
The Bottom of the desktop contains the? taskbar
The task bar is used to? Start and Switch among programs currently running
The mouse is a? Direct -Entry device
The right button opens a? Shortcut Menu
A folder is a __________ for storing your programs and files. Container
The file management program found in Windows OS computers is? Windows Explorer
The file management program found in Mac OS computers is? Mac Finder
What should you address when planning a site? Audience Needs
What else should you address at this first stage planning a site? Site Goals, Gather content, Update, & Budget
What should be done after the initial planning of planning a site? Set up the basic Structure
What is the purpose of storyboarding when planning a web site? Shows How the pages Are Related to each other
The three common Web site structures are? Hierarchical, Webbed, & Linear
Describe the hierarchical Web site structure? Connected in a Tree-like Structure & Works well with a main index page
Describe the linear Web site structure. Pages are connected in a straight line& Information needs to be read in a specific order.
Describe the webbed Web site structure. No set organization & Information does not need to be read in a given order.
Which folder is first created for the Web site? Root Folder
Which folders are created inside this initial folder? Assets & Text
Three examples of non-HTML files? Images, Sound, & Video
Which page should be created first? Introductory Page
The Introductory Page should be named? indext.html
What should be added to the head section? Meta Tag
Which two Meta tags should be added? Keywords , & Description
What other tag is added to the head section? Title
What is the purpose of the title tag? Displays text in the Title Bar of the browser window
List the four tests you should perform on a webpage (or website)? Use different browsers, Use different browsers versions, Use various screen sizes, & Check the speed
When changes should be made to the site. Constantly
All XHTML tags must have a closing tag (True/False) False
XHTML has been replaced with HTML. (True/False) False
XHTML guidelines recommend using blank spaces when naming folders and files.(True/False) False
All tags come in pairs. (True/False) False
A browser is a program used to view Web pages. (True/False) True
There are two variations or “flavors” of XHTML. (True/False) False (four “flavors”)
There are four operational tags in HTML. (True/False) True
A deprecated tag is the term used for operational tags. (True/False) False
The first Internet contained multimedia pages with graphics and sound.(True/False) False (Text)
Style sheets are saved with the extension ____. css
Internal style sheets can be ______ or ______. embedded or in-line
All special characters must include these two symbols: ______ and ______. & and ;
Hex code color for Blue? 0000ff
Hex code color for Black? ffffff
Hex code color for Red? ff0000
Hex code color for Whie?Whie 000000
Hex code color for Green? 00ff00
Created by: earl4usc
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