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chapter 4 part 2

strategies for developing individuality

Strategies for developing individuality develop you individuality by cultivating the strategies associated with critical thinker
which are the Strategies for developing individuality strive for humility, be wary of first impressions, be honest with yourself, fight confution produce many ideas, acknowledge complexity, look for connetions among subject, consider other viewpoints, dare to change your mind and your judments on evidence.
what is strive for humility? humility is fundamental to critical thinker. we don't know everything. Socrates frequently reminded himself of how little he knew.
be wary of first impressions not all first impression is mistake, but many are.
be honest with yourself don't blame others, know thy-self, take responsability for you actions, accep opinions from others when it's good criticism
Fight confusion don't accept confusion, ask questions
produce many ideas when confronted by a challenge, they embrace the first response that pops into their minds
Acknowledge complexity in controversial issues the truth is often complex.
Look for connection among subjects; the more open you are to the relationship that exist among subject the more you will be rewarded with new insights
Consider viewpoints; to many people, intellectual independence means ignoring other people’s views.
Dare to change your mind; some people believe that changing one’s mind signals a lack of convictions
Base your judgments on evidence the real mesuare of any viewpoint is how well it fits reality, and that is determined by the amount and the quality, many people ignore the need for evidence.
Created by: chulada