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Biochem-Cosub etc

Med’11 Biochemistry Enzymes - Cosubstrates, Prosthetic Groups, &Vitamins

NADH (& NADPH) Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide Precursor: Niacin Defic: Pellagra Role: Redox involving 2-e transfer Enz: Dehydrogenase
FAD Flavin adenine dinucleotide Precursor: riboflavin B2 Defic: growth retardation Role: redox involving 1- and 2-e transfer Enz: flavoenzymes
CoA Coenzyme A Precursor: pantothenate B3 Defic: dermatitis in chicks Role: acyl transfer Enz: 100s of enz
TPP Thiamine Pyrophosphate Precursor: Thiamine B1 Defic: beriberi Role: transfer of 2-C fragment containing carbonyl Enz: some carboxylases
PLP Pyroxidal Phosphate Precursor: pyroxidal, pyroxine, pyroximine B6 Defic: dermatitis in rats Role: transfer of groups to and from A.A. Enz: transaminase
Biotin Biotin Precursor: Biotin Defic: dermatitis in humans Role: carboxyl grp transfer & ATP dependent carboxylation Enz: some carboxylases
Tetrahydrofolate Tetrahydrofolate Precursor: folic acid Defic: anemia, spina befida Role: 1-C transfer Enz: dihydrofolate reductase & others
Cobalamin Cobalamin Precursor: methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin Defic: pernicous anemia Role: intermolecular rearrangement, methyl transfer Enz: methylmalonyl-coA mutase; homocysteine methyltransferase
Lipoamide Lipoamide Precursor: lipoic acid Defic: NONESSENTIAL Role: acyl transfer Enz:dihydrolipoamide; acyltransferase
Vitamin K Deficiency: blood clotting disorder Role: carboxylation of Glu Enz: vitamin K-dependent carboxylase
Ubquinone AKA: Coenzyme Q Role: electron transfer Enz: mitochondrial enzyme
Vitamin A Role: Vision Solubility: Lipid Deficiency: Night blindness
Vitamin C Role: Antioxidant Solubility: Water Deficiency: Scurvy
Vitamin D Role: Gene expression Solubility: Lipid Deficiency: Rickets
Vitamin E Role: Antioxidant Solubility: Lipid Deficiency: Fragile blood cells
Created by: Salma O