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Liturture test


scientists use the scientific method to do this answer questions and solve problems
nolan's last name kamataki
the purpose of a diagram visually present an idea or concept
informational texts, newspapers, and this structure
record and analyze this is a step of the scientific method data
the children call the old women ____________. Aunty Misery
the people were tired of _______. life
the traveler is this literary term. foreshadowing
the author of aunty misery judith ortiz cofer
the first visitor the sorcerer
sergent major's last name morris
A LITERARY term that begins with an "F" formulated
the amount of money in the wish 200 lbs.
the sons name Herbert white
the fate of the son death
amiably good nature
presumptous overly bold or confident; expecting too much
credulity quality of being to readily
hospitality friendly or genourous
gnarled covered in knotts and twists
observation act of noticing
hypothesis possible explainiation or answer
necessarily unavoidable in every case
scholarship money given up to help a student continue to study
competition contest
formulated formed in ones mind; developed
correlate show connection between things
verify show to be true; confirm
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