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Kings of France

Lowellville's Flashcards for Kings of France

Bourbon. (1638-1715, r. 1643-1715) "Sun King." Won throne of Spain for grandson (Spanish Succession). 72-year reign, best example of an absolute monarchy. Louis XIV
Bourbon. (1601-1643, r. 1610-1643) Chief Minister- Richelieu. Made France powerful, French victories in 30 Year's War. (3 Muskateers) Louis XIII
Valois. (1494-1547, r. 1515-1547) Victoy in Battle of Marignano. Captured and held for ransom. Rivalry with Holy Roman Charles V. Released, wars continued. Francis I
Bourbon Founder. (1553-1610, r. 1589-1610) After fighting Catholic opposition in the War of the Three Henries, he renounced Protestantism and accepted Catholicism. With the help of Maximilien Sully he erased the natl debt. Edict of Nantes. Henry IV
Capet. (1165-1223, r. 1179-1223) first of the great Capetians. won back Normandy, Brittany, Anjou, and other territories. 3rd Crusade. Philip II
Valois. (1470-1498, r. 1483-1498) short reign is remarkable for the enormous cost in men and money of his Italian campaign but more so for the number of his successors that to followed his catastrophic lead. Wanted to govern Naples. Charles VIII
Capet. (1214-1270, r. 1226-1270) 7 Crusade. Brit Henry III was his vassal. stabilized currency, reduced corruption. Died in a crusade againt Tunisia. Only canonized French king. Louis IX
Capet. (1187-1226, r. 1223-1226) He annexed Languedoc and captured Poitou from England. established the systems of appanages (land grants) which replaced the older, local nobles with barons who owed their fiefs to the crown. Only reigned for 3 years. Louis VIII
Capet. (1338-1380, r. 1364-1380) ransom his father, John II, from England for three million crowns and most of southwestern France. he recaptured almost all of that territory.concluded alliances with Portugal, Spain, and Flanders, reorganized the army. Charles V
Valois. (1551-1589, r. 1574-1589) Wars of Religion pitted Catholics against Huguenots. last of the Valois line. The War of the Three Henries broke out after his brother died. Assassinated by a crazed friar. Henry III
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