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Supreme Court

Lowellville's Flashcards for Supreme Court Cases

An octaroon bought a ticket on for first class on the East Lousiana Railway, sitting in a whites-only car, and was convicted then appealed to the Supreme Court. "Seperate but equal" and "Our Constitution is color-blind," (John Marshall Harlan)(Fuller '96 Plessy v. Ferguson
Concerned court jurisdiction, power of the Supreme Court-judicial review. Decided by Chief Justice, John Marshall. Marbury v. Madison
"Burger court." Norma McCorvey (used alias in court) was raped, legalized abortions. "right to privacy" the term person "does not include the unborn" (1973) Roe v. Wade
"Separate but equal isn't equal." Girl had to attend to black school even though white school was better and far closer. Overturned Plessy v. Ferguson (Earl Warren 1954) Brown v. Topeka Board of Education
Gerrymandering. Strategically drawn voter districts. (Earl Warren 1962) Baker v. Carr
Because crime was not capital, an attorney was not provided. B&E of a pool hall in Florida. (Earl Warren, 1963) Gideon v. Wainwright
Interstate sale of goods produced by child labor. Two sons would be unemployed. Federal gov't has no right to regulate child labor (White, 1918) Hammer v. Dagenhart
Georgia legislature sold land along Yazoo river corruptly to private citizens for bribes. (John Marshall, 1810) Fletcher v. Peck
Fed. court case, Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, he couldn't do that, only Congress. Lincoln ignored ruling. Ex Parte Merryman
Second Bank of the US began calling in loans owed by the states, so this state taxed out-of-state banks. "the power to tax was the power to destroy," so you guys can't tax us anyway. (John Marshall, 1819) McColluch v. Maryland
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