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4th Feudalism 1

Middle Ages FK1

feudalism a system of government in which land is exchanged for loyalty and services
manor the estate over which a lord had control; also the lord’s house on an estate
fief a plot of land exchanged for loyalty to a ruler
homage honor or respect given to someone of higher social status
King and Queen the leaders of a feudalistic society who pledged to protect and be loyal to the vassal
vassal a person who received land from a ruler and in return promised aid and loyalty (lord, duke, count)
lord a superior member of the feudal society who had control over a manor
lady the wife of a lord; often took control of the manor in a lord’s absence
peasant a farm worker
serf a farm worker who was bound to live and work on his lord’s land
three-field system a method of farming where crops were rotated yielding greater output annually
fallow an unplanted field, the third year in the three-field system when a field is left to recover
knight a military servant of a feudal king or lord
Code of Chivalry a set of rules for knights
tournament a staged battle fought by knights for money and honor without the intention to wound or kill
pageboy a young boy in his first stage of training as a knight
squire a personal servant to a particular knight
fortress a large fortified place, that includes a castle and often a town
castle a large building often surrounded by a fortress
keep a square structure, designed to be the strongest part of a castle where inhabitants could retreat to in the event of an attack
courtyard the open space inside a castle’s keep
drawbridge a bridge made to be raised up, let down, so as to permit or hinder passage
moat the ditch surrounding a castle, filled with water when the castle was on a stream or river
siege an army attack in which it would surround a castle so that no food, weapons or supplies could reach the people inside
siege tower a tall, wooden tower that rolled on wheels and could hold soldiers to enter a fortress
battering ram a method of attack in which soldiers used a huge log to bang against castle doors until they broke open
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