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Career Clusters TX

Easy-to-understand descriptions of the 16 Achieve Texas clusters

Careers that relate to working with plants, animals, food processing and the environment. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Careers that include acting, writing, printing and producing videos. Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Careers that involve building and designing bridges, roads and buildings. Architecture & Construction
Careers that involve clerical, computing, accounting, management and administrative work. Business Management & Administration
Careers that involve training, guidance counseling, coaching and library services. Education & Training
Careers that involve the handling of money through banking, investing and accounting. Finance
Careers that provide legislative, administrative and regulatory services. Government & Public Administration
Careers that involve promoting health, wellness, and diagnosis as well as treating injuries and disease. Health Science
Careers that involve making visitors happy. Hospitality & Tourism
Careers that relate to improving a persons's quality of life. Human Services
Careers taht involve designing, developing, managing and supporting hardware and software information systems. Information Technology
Careers that involve judicial, legal and protective services. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Careers that involve work in factories. Manufacturing
Careers that involve the promoting, buying and selling of goods and services. Marketing
Careers that involve research as well as laboratory and testing services, resulting in discoveries with the potential of improving life. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Careers that involve moving people and freight on land, air and sea. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
A grouping of occupations or career specialties based on the fact that they require a set of common skills and knowledge for career success. There are 16 clusters. Career Cluster
Each career cluster is divided into subgroups or pathways that are based on a set of common skills and knowledge. Career Pathway
The work a person does, usually to earn money. Job
Employment that requires related skills and experiences. Occupation
A series of occupations, usually in the same or related fields, that helps you advance in a chosen field of work. Career
A way of organizing the curricula, classes and educational activities within a career cluster related to a student's specific academic and career goals. Program of Studies
A career where more than 75 percent of the workforce is of the opposite gender. Many scholarship opportunities are available for students who follow this type of career path. Non-Traditional Career
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