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CFM -- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Review

agribusiness & natural resources small animal breeder, horse groomer, poultry farmer, forestry technician
business & office receptionist, bookkeeper, computer servicer, claim examiner
communications & media cable tv tech, book editor, computer artist, technical writer
construction air conditioning, heating and refrigeration mechanic, roofer, building inspector, surveyor
family & consumer services child care worker, pet care worker, jeweler, floral designer
environment environmental technician, hazardous waste management, pollution control, sanitary engineer
fine arts & humanities actor, cartoonist, dancer, musician
health dental hygienist, nurse's aide, home health care aide, doctors
hospitality & recreation cruise director, fitness instructor, park ranger, pastry chef, baker
manufacturing industrial machine operator, toolmaker, engineer, production
marine science diver, fish culture technician, marine engineer, marine biologist
marketing & distribution insurance agent, real estate agent, auto sales, retail
personal service hairstylist, cosmetologist, massage therapist, bridal consultant
public service teacher, armed services, firefighter, policeman, paralegal aide
transportation airline agent, pilot, railroad conductor, auto technician
internet job services websites, newsgroups, and bulletin boards
exploratory interview a short, informal talk with someone who works in a career you find appealing
cooperative program students are hired to perform jobs they have been taught in their high school classes
job shadowing following a worker for a few days to learn about his or her job
internship formal, unpaid position that allows you to learn job skills
service learning school program that involves doing community service as part of your school work
work environment the social and physical surroundings in a work place
flextime setting up a work schedule to suit personal needs
fringe benefits "extras" provided by many employers, including health insurance, vacations, and retirement plans
apprenticeship a job that offers on-the-job training with pay, usually in a trade
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