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Quiz Bowl Notes

Random Quiz bowl Notes

"Swedish Nightingale" Jenny Lind
First president to be born in the US Martin Van Buren
discovered Yttrium, the first rare earth element found Johann Gadolin
invented the Hologram ; got 1971 Nobel in Physics Dennis Gabor
Element named after a village in Scotland ; element # 38 Strontium
composed "Children's Hour" Debussy
Capital of Tamerlane's empire Samarkand
the location of the Golden Fleece Colchis
Roman name for Portugal Lusitania
Roman name for Scotland Caledonia
Name of Caligula's Horse Incitatus
known as "Madame Deficit" Marie Antoinette
Known as the "Little Giant" ; Vehemently opposed the Wilmot Proviso Stephen Douglas
known as "Dumb Ox" Sir Thomas Aquinas
Won the 1960 Nobel Prize in Chemisty for Carbon-14 dating Willard Libby
known as Wobblies, leaders include Big Bill Haywood IWW
"Canine Philosopher" and developer of Cynicism Diogenes of Sinope
First Jew to serve on the US Supreme Court Lewis Brandeis
longest Faulkner novel A Fable
First of Verdi's Shakespeare operas Macbeth
Formerly known as Batavia Djakarta
First college in US to admit blacks Oberlyn College
Was a elementary school teacher in Italy Mussolini
Largest land battle of all time Battle of Mukden
Battle that starts the Russo-Japanese War, included Admiral Togo Battle of Port Arthur
born in Halicarnassus in 484 BCE Herodotus
Airplane built by Howard Hughes Spruce Goose
Known as William Bonney ; killed Billy the Kid Pat Garret
formulated the Final Solution Adolf Eichmann
Won Battle of Vincennes George Rogers Clark
Known as "Swamp Fox" ; Washington gave him command of Fort Sullivan Francis Marion
Known as "Old Wagoner" ; he won the Battle of Cowpens and suppressed the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 Daniel Morgan
Known as the "Butcher" ; defeated at Cowpens by Morgan Banastre Tarleton
Commander of Continental Forces in the South during the Revolutionary War Nathaniel Greene
French commander who won the Battle of the Chesapeake, but lost at Battle of St. Kitts ; a major factor to the British defeat at Yorktown De Grasse
Commander of British in the North and lost to Washington at the Battle of Monmouth Henry Clinton
Revolutionary War British Commander at Bunker Hill, Long Island, and Brandywine Willam Howe
French navy Lieutenant General who fought in Yorktown De Rochambeau
Crafted both the Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850 Henry Clay
"Father of the US Air Force" Hap Arnold
Headed a settlement at Darien Vasco de Balboa
King of England during WWII George VI
Was established in 1631 and is the oldest republic in the world San Marino
Court painter for Charles III Francisco Goya
Found Charon in 1978 James Christy
was married to Lee Crasner Jackson Pollock
Known as the "Father of Modern Geography" ; was a popularizer of uniformitarianism Charles Lyell
capital is at Ushuaia ; Indian groups in it include Ona, Alacaluf, and Yagan Tierra del Fuego
Composer buried next to Beethoven Schubert
Was founded by the George Ripley and one president included Nathaniel Hawthorne Brook Farm
Was a proponent of utilitarianism, along with his godfather, Jeremy Bentham ; wrote On Liberty John Stuart Mill
musical piece that involves "opium-induced hallucinations" Symphony Fantastique
developed the Analytical Engine Babbage
Was Secretary of State to Woodrow Wilson ; 3-time presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan
Sent by Louis Leakey to Rwanda ; wrote Gorillas in the Mist Dian Fossey
Committed suicided on March 28, 1941 ; drowned herself by weighing herself with stones and walking into the River Ouse Virginia Woolf
started over the idea of Louis XIV's grandson Phillip, duc of Anjou, to take the throne after the death of Charles V of the Hapsburgs War of Spanish Succesion
painted the Bark of Dante; looks like Talleyrand Delacroix
born in Landolf, Wales ; screenwriter to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Roald Dahl
was Governor of Tennessee but resigned in 1829 Sam Houston
longest serving current member of U.S. Congress Robert Byrd
Foreign Commisar under Lenin; born Lev Davidovich Bronstein ; killed by an ice pick by Mercator del Rio Leon Trotsky
Majored in geology at CCNY ; a 4-star general during Persian Gulf War ; Joint chief of staff from 1989 - 1993 Colin Powell
North Carolina Senator ; wrote Four Trials John Edwards
First Postmaster General Samuel Osgood
wrote The Mountains of California; married to Louisa Strenzel John Muir
Leader of Angola who was part of the UNITA party Jonas Savimbi
wrote The Theory of Leisure Class Veblen
wrote Waging Modern War Wesley Clark
formed the New Life Movement in 1934 ; exiled Chang Kai-Shek
Current chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
Prime Minister before Tony Blair; Conservative Party - 1990 - 1997 John Major
October 1813 treaty between Russian and Persia Treaty of Gulistan
composed the opera The Bartered Bride Bedrich Smetana
largest lake in continental Europe Lake Lodoga
Mt. Cotopaxi Ecuador
Mt. Citlaltepetl Mexico
"...to the victor belongs the spoils." William Marcy
" What's good for GM is good for the country." Charles Wilson
wrote The Other America Michael Harrington
wrote "Why England Slept" while at Harvard John F. Kennedy
First black mayor of Philadelphia Wilson Goode
Roman name for Switzerland Helvetia
1975 Nobel Peace Prize Sakharov
held at Mount Washington Hotel in 1944 ; established the IMF Breton-Woods Conference
known as the "Spider King" Louis XI
manager of Beatles Brian Epstein
wrote Beyond Freedom and Dignity B.F. Skinner
Henry Hudson's ship Half Moon
1494 Treaty that split Portugal and Spain Treaty of Tordesillas
Presidential dynasty of Nicaragua toppled by the Sandanista revolution Somoza
Was formerly known as Bedloe's Island Liberty Island
Last Abstract Expressionist; painted the Woman series DeKooning
known as United Society of Believers of the Christ's Seond Apperance; founded by Ann Lee in Maine Shakers
German archeologist who found Troy Heinrich Schliemann
2005 Supreme Court Case dealing with Eminent Domain Kilo vs New London
Harvard professor who wrote Principles of Psychology William James
"Crush the infamous thing" - referring to the Catholic church Voltaire
1897 Treatise published by Emile Durkheim Suicide
dealt with the coinage of silver and was passed during Hayes administration Bland-Allison Act of 1878
wrote his memoirs as "Keeping the Faith" Jimmy Carter
born to a Quaker family in an Amana Colony in Iowa Herbert Hoover
published in 1786 it was a book detailing the idea of deliberative assembly Robert's Rules of Order
U.S. soldier and governor of the Louisiana Territory who was involved in the Conway Cabal and the Burr conspiracy James Wilkinson
the only state that doesnt implement sales tax New Hampshire
Dutch-Jewish economist who wrote Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (introduces comparative advantage) ; formulated the Iron Law of Wages David Ricardo
named by Ferdinand Lasalle and attributed to David Ricardo Iron Law of Wages
known as the "Magna Carta of Canada" Quebec Act
built in 1791 by Carl Langhans Brandenburg Gate
depicts the lady Marianne with the background of Notre--Dame Liberty Leading the People
composer to Joesph II of Austria Mozart
"The Mother City" Cape Town
island where Nagasaki is loacted Kyushu
bombed on August 8, 1945 Nagaski
Ester's real name Hadasa
wrote "Where is the Rest of Me" Ronald Reagan
Federal order for duty Writ of Mandamus
means "culture struggle" ; refers to the political relations and influence of the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Pius IX Kulturkampf
conflict from 1675-1676; named after Indian leader Metacomet King Phillip's War
First phylum Cycliophora
Punishment for crime without trial Bill of Attainder
Head of Los Alamos project Oppenheimer
Pope Calixtus III excommunicated it Halley's Comet
Known as the "Month of the Mist" in the French Republican Calendar; was also the month in which Napoleon performed his coup d'etat Brumaire (18 Brumaire is when Napoleon took power)
known as the leper colony and site of Father Damien's missionary ; also known as the "Friendly Isle" Molokai
9th century lawgiver in Sparta Lycurgus
Greek city founded by Sisiphus Corinth
started in 1921 due to the Kronsheight Rebellion New Economic Policy
named by Father Perault Shangri-La
wrote Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon
Minister of Finance under Louis XVI who sympathized with the commoners Jacques Necker
person who invented Dialysis Thomas Graham
lost Reform Party nomination to Ross Perot ; was 3-time governor of Colorado Richard Lamm
Secretary of Treasury under Madison and Jeffesron Albert Gallatin
painted St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata El Greco
formed in Vermont ; candidates include William Wirt and William Morgan Anti-Masonic Party
rises in the Cotswold Hills with the confluence of 4 rivers Thames
wrote Defense of Usury (1787) and Principles of Morals and Legislations Jeremy Bentham
1971 French organization located in Biafra Doctors Without Borders
largest lake in Central America Lake Nicaragua
wrote Slouching Toward Gamora (1971) Bork
BB-39 ; bombed in Pearl Harbor USS Arizona
First Governor General of Pakistan Jinnah
Succeeded Stanley Baldwin as PM Neville Chamberlin
wrote "The Untouchables" Elliott Ness
precursor to the CIA ; was led by William Donovan OSS - Office of Strategic Services
known as the "Incorruptible" ; ascended to the presiden to the Estates General in 1789 ; leader of the Jacobins who was guillotined in 1794; born in the town of Arras Maximilien Robespierre
the governor of Bastille whose head was paraded around after the storming Bernard de Launay
came to power on April 6, 1793 during the Reign of Terror Committee of Public Safety
arbitrary government that took power on November 2, 1795 ; made up of 5 leaders The Directory
10th day of Tishrei Yom Kippur
"Man can only call himself happy after he is dead" Solon
wife of David Lloyd Carrie Nation
attended Macalester College in St. Paul, MN ; wrote Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda Kofi Annan
mistresses of this man included Madame di Pompidour and Madame du Barry Louis XV
the husband of Catherine the Great Peter the III
had sex with Sally Hemmings, a black slave Thomas Jefferson
Treaty that brought an end to the Russo-Turkish War ; signed on March 3, 1878 and established the state of Bulgaria ; also known as the Treaty of Rumilia Treaty of San Stefano
highest peak in Vermont Mt. Mansfield
capital is at Stanley; known as Islas Malvinas ; first sighted by Sebald de Weert Falkland Islands
born in Christian County, Kentucky Jefferson Davis
known as "The Plumed Knight" and "The Continental Liar from the State of Maine" ; ran against Grover Cleveland and his party coined the phrase "Ma,ma, wheres my papa" to which Cleveland's supporters responded "Off to the White House, ha ha ha" James Blaine
1918 Treaty that ended Soviet Union participation in World War I ; gave reprieve to the Bolsheviks Brest-Litovsk Treaty
1817 Treaty between US and Great Britain that made a demilitarized zone in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain Rush-Bagot Treaty
largest and most populous city of Ecuador ; also its chief port Guayaquil
established by Napoleon in order to limit the trade between Great Britain and the rest of Europe Continental System
means "without knee-breeches" ; refers to the poor Third Estate of France ; people in this class usually wore pantaloons Sans-Culottes
First black in the Senate Hiram Revels
Italian sermonist who took power after the Medici exile and ruled for 4 years before being hanged as a heretic Savonarola
wrote Infantry Attacks ; fought in the Battle of Caporetto ; supposedly involved in the plot to kill Hitler and committed suicide in 1944; known as the "Desert Fox" Erwin Rommel
known as the "Pepsi Cola Kid" ; was involved in a controversy regarding G. David Schine Senator Joseph McCarthy
wrote Strength of Fields ; it was for Jimmy Carter James Dickey
wrote Being and Time; considered to be a founder of existensalism Martin Heidegger
religious movement begun in 1833; leaders included John Henry Newman and John Keble ; The Tracts for the Times was written during this movement Oxford movement
the Christian symbol of salvation pear
former name of Ethiopia: famous rulers include Menelik II (who defeated the French at Battle of Adowa) Abyssinia
won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in Gabon ; was an organist and wrote a detailed biography of Bach Albert Schweitzer
Real name was Margaretha Geertruida Zelle ; went by Lady MacLeod Mata Hari
born in Calvert County, Maryland in 1777 ; became chief justice in 1836 and judged over Ableman v Booth ; Dred Scott v Sanford ; Prigg v Pennsylvania ; and was circuit judge in Ex Parte Merryman; married Anne Key Roger B. Taney
skillfully brought on by Henry Clay and Senator Jesse Thomas ; came after the Tallmadge Amendment Missouri Compromise
was under the command of Kirk Lippold when it was bombed in 2000 off the coast of Yemen USS Cole
performed the longest filibuster in history ; got 39 electoral votes in 1948 election Strom Thurmond
wrote History of Florence ; The Discourses Machiavelli
contributed to the Fundamental Constitutions of the Carolinas ; a good friend of the Earl of Shaftesbury ; wrote Two Treatises on Government and an Essay Concerning Human Understanding John Locke
The two warring groups of Florence during 12th and 13th centuries Guelphs and Ghibellines
born in Torrington, CT in 1800 ; led the raid on Harper's Ferry and committed the Pottawatomie Creek massacre; hanged at Charles Town John Brown
known as Lake Tiberias or Lake Kinneret; located in Israel Sea of Galilee
his autobiography is titled : It Doesn't Take a Hero ; was the Commander of coalition forces during the Persian Gulf War; known as Stormin' Norman Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.
the Hopi village of Orabi is located in this state Arizona
The salon-keeper who was the attempted assasin of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 John F. Schrank
the last Whig candidate: known as Old Fuss and Feathers ; formulated the Anaconda Plan and was a general in the Mexican American War Winfield Scott
was drawn up in 1854 by James Buchanan, John Mason, and Pierre Soule; suggested that US should take Cuba by force; repudiated by William Marcy; signed in Belgium Ostend Manifesto
founded in 1942 by James Farmer in Chicago ; was implemented to end racial discrimination in US CORE - Congress of Racial Equality
signed in 1975 and gave the Soviet Union much of Easter Europe Helsinki Accords
built by John Ericsson and was captained by John L. Worden in the battle against the Virginia (Merrimack) ; wreck was found near Cape Hatteras, NC USS Monitor
took place in 1958 in China Great Leap Forward
Cambodian prince that Polpot overthrew Sihanouk
religious order founded by Charles Taze Russell Jehovah's Witness
Athenan leader who defected to Sparta and then back to Athens during the Pelponnesian War ; led the Sicilian conquest Alciabdes
was designed by John A. Roebling and stretches over East River Brooklyn Bridge
believed in the doctrine of predestination ; derisively called the "Pope of Geneva" ; wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion Calvin
1314 Battle in which Robert Bruce defeats Edward II of Scotland to establish Scottish Independence and place Bruce as Rober I of Scotland Battle of Bannockburn
3rd Secretary General of the UN ; was a Buddhist and came from Burma ; was a compromise candidate at first after the death of Dag Hamarskjold then became permanent secretary general ; took office from 1962 - 1971 U Thant
rises in the Sawatch Range near Leadville, Colorado ; crossed both by Coronado and Pike; major tributaries include the Canadian River and Salt Fork River; riparian cities include Wichita, Kan and Little Rock, Ark. Arkansas
river that rises in the Sangre de Christo mountains in NE New Mexico ; enters the Arkansas river at Eufala, Ok. Canadian River
wrote Commentaries on the Laws of England ; the book detailed the doctrines of English law ; was an English jurist who was knighted in 1770 Sir William Blackstone
had affairs with Emma,the wife of of British minister William Hamilton ; married Frances Nisbet in his travels to the island of Nevis ; was the captain of the HMS Victory in the battle of Trafalgar ; fought in Battles of Cape St. Vincent and the Nile Viscount Horatio Nelson
His Indian (American) name was Ta-sunko-witko ; participated in the Wagon Box fight and in the massacre of Captain Fetterman's forces ; chief of the Oglala Sioux who along with Sitting Bull helped massacre Colonel Custer's forces at Bighorn Crazy Horse
Chinese dynasty whose rulers included Yongzheng and Cixi; also was host to rebellions such as Taiping and Nien ; last emperor was Pu-Yi, which ended the Dynastic cycle of China in 1911 ; Ching, Qing, or Manchu dynasty
studied at Salamanca and went to Cuba with Velazquez; founded Vera Cruz, Mexico and fought at Battle of Tabasco; was appointed Governor of New Spain in 1522; defeated the Aztec Empire in 1521 Hernando Cortes
was appointed Governor General of India in 1786 and introduce his namesake code there; defeated Tippoo Sahib; also was viceroy of Ireland in 1798; Revolutionay British General who defeated Gates at Camden but lost at Yorktown bringing an end to the war Lord Charles Cornwallis
wrote Defense of the Seven Sacraments ; it defended the Catholic Church; therefore was dubbed "Defender of the Faith" Henry VIII
commanded by Medina Sidonia; started due to Francis Drake's raid at Cadiz; routed by the English near Gravelines ; consisted of 130 ships and over 25000 sailors and soldiers; commissioned by Philip II Spanish Armada
organized by Aristides after the Greco-Persian wars Delian League
son of Nicholas I of Russia; emancipated the serfs and defeated Turkey in the Russo-Turkish war; assasinated by terrorist group People's Will Alexander II
grandson of Catherine the Great; signed the Treaty of Tilsit with France in the Napoleonic Wars; represented Russia at the Congress of Viena; died at Taganrog in 1825 Alexander I
secret meetings held from 1814-1815 in its namesake city; it was formed to oppose the War of 1812 and bring changes to the American Constitution; failed because War of 1812 ended; discredited the numerous Federalist delegates Hartford Convention
Queen of England for 9 days after death of Edward VI; was 16 when she took power and was married to Lord Dudley by the urging of the Duke of Northumberland Lady Jane Grey
1745 Battle in which Louis XIV's French forces defeated an Austrian Army under William Augustus; was in the War of Austrian Succession; last major victory for French Army until French Revolution Battle of Fontenoy
1905 naval battle in which Admiral Togo crushes the Baltic Fleet during the Russo-Japanese War ; only time in history where a conflict takes place between "all-gun iron-clad ships" Battle of Tsushima
passed in 1767; imposed taxes on five categories of goods imported into American colonies; 4 of them were repealed but 5th remained in effect until the Boston Tea Party Townshend Acts
literally meant "living space" ; developed by the Nazis and Hitler in the 1920s ; said that Eastern European peoples were inferior therefore Germany had a right to expand their land and colonize the USSR for fertile land Lebensraum
was head of the KGB from 1967 to 1982; was a member of the Politburo; took power after death of Breshnev in 1982 but died soon thereafter Yuri Andropov
Christian religious order which was advocated by Thomas Muntzer ; the city of Munster had numerous movements of this order which inlcuded the kingdom of the Saints; stamped out due to persecution by Catholics and branched out into Mennonites and Baptists Anabaptists (Rebaptizers)
occured on April 13, 1919; at Jallianwalla Bagh, British General Dyer ordered troops to fire on an unarmed crowd resulting in over 350 deaths and 1000 injuries Amritsar Massacre
a famous spokesman for it was Charles Lindbergh; formed in 1940 and opposed US entry into WWII and the ratifaction of the Lend-Lease Act; it disintegrated after attack on Pearl Harbor America First Committee
wife of Henry II of France ; children were Francis II and Charles IX ; regent of France from 1560 - 1574 ; had a major role in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre Catherine de Medici
was Chancellor of the Exchequer and Minister of Health before taking the role as PM of Britain in 1937 ; advocated the policy of appeasement - said "found peace in our time" Neville Chamberlain
started in response to the preaching of Albigenses; led by Nicholas in 1212 AD Children's Crusade
Roman name for Algeria Numidia
capital at Praia; located off the coast of Senegal Cape Verde Islands
name was also "Unification or Death"; formed in 1911 and was led by Apis ; behind the assanition of Archduke Ferdinand Black Hand
1st commander was Benjamin O'Davis; created by Roosevelt administration to allow more opportunites for blacks to serve in the army Tuskeegee Airmen
wife was Bess Wallace ; distant relative of John T yler; seventh VP to become president by succession ; instituted the Marshall Plan and dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagaski Harry S. Truman
1824 Supreme court case that involved steamboat operators Robert Livingston and Robert Fulton; presided over by Justice John Marshall Gibbons vs. Ogden
wrote The Fortified Castle ; wrote Zabibah and the King; sentenced to death in 1959 for murdering the PM ; joined the B'ath party and took power in Iraq in 1979 Saddam Hussein
signed at Runnymede; reissued by Edward I in 1297 and repudiated by Pope Innocent III ; document signed in 1215 by King John Magna Carta
The 4 Fat Soluble vitamins A, D, E, K
series of civil wars from 1648 - 1653 ; opposition against rebels who disliked Cardinal Richelieu was led by Anne of Austria and Jules Mazarin, later Louis XIV's Cardinal and regent ; peace was given once by the Peace of Rueil; means "slingshot" in French Fronde Uprising
2nd president of Indonesia from 1967 - 1998 ; overthrew Sukarno ; instituted the "New Order" ; as chief of staff he attacked the PKI (Indonesian Communist) ; his party was called Golkar ; resigned due to economic failure Suharto
first woman president in Western Hemisphere ; 3rd wife of Juan Peron and ruled Argentina from 1974 - 1976 Isabel Peron
was raised by Abu Talib; wife was Khadija Muhammad
last king of Lydia known for his great wealth ; defeated by Cyrus the Great (II) of Persia ; conquered Ionia and father was Alyattes and part of the Mermnad Dynasty Croesus
defined by the Henderson-Hasselbach equation ; a solution containing an acid or a base buffers
founded in 1979 and was composed of Christian evangelists ; opposed the ERA and advocated teaching of creationism ; led by Reverend Jerry Falwell; dissolved in 1989 Moral Majority
wrote Ramona - depicted California ; also wrote A Century of Dishonor - which documented the plight and mistreatment of Native Americans Helen Hunt Jackson
Dutch-Jewish philosopher who advocated Rationalism ; wrote Ethics , Opera Posthuma , Treatise on the Improvement of Understanding ; followed philosophy of Descartes ; was a lens grinder Baruch Spinoza
Lake on which Port Radium is located on Great Bear Lake
wrote Significance of the Frontier in American History Frederick Jackson Turner
Fillmore's and Tyler's Secretary of State ; said "the power to tax is the power to destroy" in McCulloch v. Maryland; also said “Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!” ; considered part of great "triumvirate" with Clay and Calhoun Daniel Webster
was launched in 1906 ; name meant "nothing to fear" ; had numerous heavy guns ; sank U-Boat at Pentland Firth, Scotland in March 1915 Dreadnought
led the Kon-Tiki (1947) and Ra (1969 - 70) expeditions ; also led the Tigris Expedition in 1977 ; graduated from Univ. of Oslo and traveled to the Marquesas (in Fatu-Hiva) ; published many books and documentaries Thor Heyerdahl
is the 15th largest lake in the world Lake Ontario
biggest lake in the world ; borders Kazakhstan (NE), Turkmenistan, Iran, Russia, & Azerbaijan ; contains over 50 Islands (Chechen, Zhiloy) ; fed by Ural, Volga, Aras, and Terek rivers Caspian Sea
3rd largest lake in the world ; major reservoir for the Nile - sighted by John Speke ; formerly known as Ukerewe; dams include Owen Falls dam and Kiira ; largest tributary is Kagera River; in Tanzania and Uganda , borders Kenya Lake Victoria
longest freshwater lake in world ; 7th largest in world ; 2nd deepest in world ; forms boundary btwn. Tanzania and Dem. Rep. Congo ; port cities include Bujumbra & Kigoma ; waterfall from it is Kalambo Lake Tanganyika
6th largest lake in world; fed by Amu Darya and Syr Darya ; Kyrgyz word meaning "Sea of Islands" - has over a 1000 islands ; water level has reduced dramatically Aral Sea
its name means "lake" ; 10th largest in the world; Livingston reached it in 1859; also called Lake Malawi Lake Nyasa
inland sea near Ukraine and Russia ; linked to the Black Sea by Kerch Strait ; fed by the Don and Kuban rivers ; world's shallowest sea ; ports include Taganrog Sea of Azov
was duke of Swabia and Holy Roman emperor (1152 - 1190) ; was crowned by Pope Adrian IV ; Lombard League was formed to fight against his army ; deposed Henry the Lion as Duke of Burgundy ; died in 3rd crusade trying to cross the Saleph River Frederick Barbarossa ; Frederick I
Walter Smith ruled against them in court case ; made headlines in 1993 as David Koresh (Vernon Howell), the leader of the group at Mt. Carmel Headquarters at Waco, TX started stockpiling weapons; ATF and FBI raids brought an end to the cult Branch Davidian
bombed on August 6, 1945 Hiroshima
the Greek goddess of dawn Eos
secretary of state from 1921 - 1925 ; lost the 1916 presidential election to Woodrow Wilson ; was chief justice from 1930 - 1941 ; only Chief Justice to have sworn in the same man as President three times ; resigned as Associate Justice in 1916 Charles Evan Hughes
formed by the Euphrates and Tigris rivers Shatt - al - Arab
wrote Principles of Physiological Psychology ; founder of experimental psychology ; a proponent of structuralism Wilhelm Wundt
the New Hebrides are part of this country ; capital is at Port Vila Vanuatu
constitution of Kansas that established it as a "free" state rather than a "slave" state Wyandotte Constitution
considered to be the "tyrants who ran Sparta" ; their rule was established by Lycurgus and 5 of them were elected annually and had to swear to uphold the rule of the kings; rule was possibly Ephors
consisted of Solon of Athens , Thales of Miletus , Chilon of Sparta, Biase of Priene, Cleobulus of Lindos , Pittacus of Mitylene, Periander of Corinth Seven Wise Men of Greece
nationalist party in Northern Ireland ; named after Arthur Griffith's policy; leaders include Eamon de Valera and Gerry Adams (1983 - current) Sinn Fein
German battleship sunk off the coast of Montevideo in 1939 ; scuttled by own commander - Captain Hans Langsdorff because he thought a great British force awaited him Graf Spee
ruled Russia from 1825 - 1855 ; brothers included Constantine and Alexander I ; known as the "emperor who froze Russia for 30 years" Nicholas I
highest peak on this island is Mount Kinabalu (13,455 ft) ; indigenous ppl are the Dayak ; political divisions included Sabah, Sarawak, Kalimantan ; 3rd largest island in the world - has Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia Borneo
began when Nawab Siraj-ud-Dowla attacked Fort William ; occured in 1756 where 123 soldiers suffocated in dungeon Black Hole of Calcutta
found on a stele at Susa by Jean-Vincet Scheil ; that stele currently sits at the Louvre; set up in a temple of Marduk and was a code with 282 case laws written in Akkadian Code of Hammurabi
Mexican state with capital at Jalapa ; contains Citlaltepetl, the highest in Mexico, namesake of a port city occupied by US in 1914 and taken by Zachary Taylor in Mexican War Veracruz
painted The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah Claude Lorraine
quote attributed to either William Prescott or Israel Putnam both of who commanded American forces at the Battle of Bunker Hill " Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"
"This was the noblest Roman of them all" Tragedy of Julius Caesar
"Parting is such sweet sorrow" Romeo and Juliet
"We are such stuff as dreams are made on" The Tempest
wrote The Decline of the West - a 2-volume work published in 1918 that said that most civilizations must pass through a life cycle Oswald Spengler
said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” - which referred to Papal power; also said "Great men are almost always bad men." Lord Acton
was the first native-born American to be canonized by the Roman Catholic church ; founded the Sisters of Charity, the first American religious society Elizabeth Ann Seton
wrote The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844; collaborated with Karl Marx on the Communist Manifesto ; edited 2nd and 3rd volumes of Das Kapital ; when young published under pseudonym Friedrich Oswald ; converted to Communism by Moses Hess Friedrich Engels
main character in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Gold Bug" William LaGrande
part of the Windward Group of the Society Islands ; capital is at Papeete ; local family there is the Pomare ; turned into a French colony in 1880 after abdication of Pomare V Tahiti
chief adviser to both Fyodor I and Ivan IV ; elected Tsar of Muscovy in 1598 ; his reign started Time of Troubles Boris Godunov
Republicans who switched their support to Democrat Grover Cleveland for the Presidency in the 1884 elections Mugwumps
city founded by Gustavus I of Sweden ; protected by the fortress of Suomenlinna ; includes Kiasma and Church of St. Nicholas ; became capital after Alexander I moved it from Turku; was formed to compete with Tallinn (Reval), Estonia Helsinki
named after its conspirator ; it was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I and replace her with a Roman Catholic Queen ; persuaded by John Ballard; resulted in the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots Babington Plot
a plot that was started by its namesake international banker ; involved the attack of Duke of Norfolk; based on Roman Catholic advancement by bringing Mary to the throne Ridolfi Plot
wrote Prelude to Bolshevikism ; wrote Kornilov Revolt Alexander Kerensky
emphasizes that the whole of anything is greater than its parts ; proponents included Max Wertheimer , Kurt Koffka , Wolfgang Köhler ; was concerned about "perception" Gestalt theory
the student of St. Albertus Magnus ; studied at the University of Paris ; wrote Summa Theologicae Thomas Aquinas
wrote Anabasis Xenophon
the first US citizen to be canonized Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini
the 1st speaker of the house Frederick Muhlenberg
also known as the Third Battle of Ypres ; 1917 battle in which the British Empire launched several campaigns in a period of 102 days; resulted in over 400,000 losses for British Passchendaele
originally called the Legal Nine ; Ebenezer McIntosh was original leader; dedicated their first act to Andrew Oliver Sons of Liberty
the name given to beginning of FDR's term as president 100 days
battle called Prarie Dog Village ; Joseph Johnston never showed up with reinforcements; Pemberton in a fortress Vicksburg
first European to discover Lake Tanganyika; did a translation of The Arabian Nights ; was expelled from Oxford ; disagreed with Speke on the origin of White Nile being Lake Victoria Richard Burton
hometown of George Gibbs, Emily Webb, Simon Stimson Grover's Corner
said "a peaceful condition of things in Kansas" Franklin Pierce
wounded twice in WW2 ; joined the Freikorps; part of Thule society at Univ. of Munich Rudolf Hess
located in Clearwater County; Lewis Cass used form "true head" in latin to name it; generally considered the accepted source of Mississippi River Lake Itasca
won at the Battle of Mohacs; called "Kunani"; captured Belgrade, Hungary, and Malta Suleiman the Magnificent
GM building; John Deere Headquarters, Gateway Arch ; Dulles International Airport; Finnish-American architiect who died of a brain tumor Eero Saarinen
includes buildings designed by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer; was once ruled by the Jango Administration Brasilia
wrote Letter Concerning Toleration ; Essay Concerning Human Understanding ; Two Treatises on Goverment ; and attended Christ Church College in 1652 John Locke
German plan for it was called Autumn Mist; included Malmedy Massacre in which 80 American POWs were gunned down; Americans led by 106th infantry division; also called Ardennes Offensive Battle of Bulge
said regarding Eisenhowers Presidency : "a dime store new deal" ; considered the father of modern day conservatism ; wrote Conscience of a Conservative ; 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater
bounded by the Bihor Mtns. ; part of Roman province of Dacia; includes Olt and Mures rivers Transylvania
Edward Gerrick, Hugh White, Captain John Preston, Crispus Attucks all were involved in this event that took place on King Street Boston Massacre
wrote in the journal Franco-German Annals ; also wrote Conditions of the Working Class in England; also an advocate of dialectical marxism Friedrich Engels
staged a trial called La Guardia ; was the first grand inquistor Tomas de Torquemada
discovered by a Missouri pilot in 1937; rises 3212 feet and descends 2420 feet; 16 times of height of Niagra Falls ; located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela Angel Falls
son of Catherine the Great; ruled Russia from 1796 - 1801 Paul I
Hungarian painter who founded the New Bauhaus School László Moholy-Nagy
participated in the Battle of Bloody Marsh and Battle of Gully Hole Creek; was once part of Eugene of Savoy's army; sailed on the ship Ann to SC and founded the city of Savannah and the state of Georgia James Oglethorpe
known as Tommaso Cassai; his name means "Silly Tom" or "Clumsy Tom"; painted the Holy Trinity ; Tribute Money ; and Nativity Masaccio
won Pulitzer in 1988 ; American author and humorist who works for the Miami Herald Dave Barry
was once led by Ambrose Burnside NRA - National Rifle Association
2nd largest manufacturing city in Italy ; home of car company Fiat ; home to the 2006 Winter Olympics ; was the 1st capital of Italy Turin
painted Brotherhood of Our Lady Bosch
took power of Czechoslovakia in 1989 after Communisim was ousted Havel
wrote General Diffusion of Knowledge Thomas Jefferson
was a slave in Spain ; part of the Patuxet tribe of the Wampanoag Confederacy; along with Samoset he helped the Pilgrims as an interpreter Squanto (a.k.a. Tisquantum)
biographer of Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon; executive producer of Band of Brothers; president of the National WWII Museum in Louisiana Stephen Ambrose
worked for the Cavendish Family; published the Leviathan in 1651 Thomas Hobbs
includes such features as Lake Enriquillo and the Gulf of Gonâve Hispaniola
head of the advertising business around the world Madison Avenue
discovered the oral polio vaccine Albert Sabin
discovered vaccine for rabies Pasteur
composed Dido and Aeneas Purcell
"Land of Opportunity" Arkansas
"Land of Enchantment" New Mexico
"The Mountain State" Montana
"Gem State" Idaho
"Sportsman's Paradise" Louisiana
presidential home of Buchanan Wheatland
married Edith Gault Woodrow Wilson
developed the marine torpedo Fulton
justice during Andrew Johnson impeachment trial Salmon P. Chase
means mind is a blank slate; theorized by Locke tabula rasa
Tiber River empties out into this Tyrrhenian Sea
wrote My Fight for Birth Control Sanger
means Turkish for "napkin" macrame
wrote Arrogance of Power; Clinton served as intern under him ; Arkansas senator who in 1946 established his namesake program advocating educational growth; was a Southern Democrat J. William Fulbright
the first national capital of Japan Nara
First emperor of Japan Jimmu
composed The Pearl Fishers Bizet
pleading guilty to a lesser charge plea bargain
the preacher in Grapes of Wrath Jim Casey
known as the "Old Salamander" Farragut
event in which the wife of the Secretary of War under Grant - Carrie Tomlinson accepted bribes from John S. Evans; after death of wife the namesake man continued to receive bribes Belknap Scandal
the 1st attorney general; presented the Virginia Plan ; was chief counsel at Aaron Burr's 1807 trial ; succeeded Jefferson as Sec. of State ; wrote Vindication after resignation following French scandal Edmund Randolph
painted Sunday at Dawn Edward Hopper
the oldest VP to take office; VP under Truman Albin Barkley
court painter to Charles I Van Dyck
1st secretary of agriculture Norman Coleman
wrote Lust for Life ; regarding Van Gogh Irving Stone
coined the term "press" in regards to the 4th estate of France; wrote Reflections on the Revolution in France ; founded the Annual Register Edmund Burke
1st secretary of the interior Thomas Ewing
Hindu personification of liquor soma
wrote The Philadelphia Negro ; Souls of Black Folk W.E.B. DuBois
name for the Eastern end of the Mediterannean Levant
was under the rule of 7 Magnus kings; once ruled by King Olaf Norway
the 1st Republican VP to take office Hannibal Hamlin
contains the St. George Cross on its flag; includes the islands Gozo, Comino, and its namesake one; capital at Valleta Malta
said "Let there be Light" on numerous places Carnegie
Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here Rouen
occured on August 15, 1969 at Yazgur Farm Woodstock Festival
said "Good lif ewas one of quiet repose" Epicurius
ran with Averell Harriman and Estes Kefauver Adlai Stevenson II
power claimed by the President of the United States and other members of the executive branch to resist certain search warrants and other encroachments Executive Privilege
its summit was first reached in 1897 by Matthias Zurbriggen Mt. Aconcagua
"Centennial State" Colorado
"Pelican State" Louisiana
first element to be isolated by electrolysis potassium
British PM who repealed the Corn Laws Sir Robert Peel
invented the sextant John Hadley
known as the "Lion of Damascus"; part of the Baath party; president of Syria Bashar al-Asad
court painter to Charles IV; worked at the Royal Tapestry Factory; born in Siragosa, Spain Francisco Goya
he was professor under Cavendish; won 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics J.J. Thompson
he was Justice of Peace of the District of Columbia under John Adams Marbury
wrote Fram Roald Amundsen
painted Batsheba, Blinding of Sampson, Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph, Christ Healing the Sick Rembrandt
discovered by Henry Cavendish in 1766 Hydrogen
wrote Dream of Scipio; declined a spot in the triumvirate Cicero
national anthem of Spain March of the Grenadiers
oversaw the rebuilding of the wall of Jersualem Neremiah
wrote The Raw and the Cooked Claude Levi-Strauss
located in the state of Lazio Rome
painted Supper at Emmaus Rembrandt
wrote The Poverty of Philosophy Karl Marx
inscribed on it is a quote from Leviticus 20:10 Liberty Bell
known as the "Dissolute"; real name was Grigori Efimovitch Rasputin
known as "Darwin's Bulldog" T.H. Huxley
found by Claproth Uranium
one-time president of the University of Columbia Dwight D. Eisenhower
VP under Dwight Eisenhower for 8 years Richard Nixon
capital is Fort D'France Martinique
orator who taught Nero Seneca
painted The Madman ; Mounted Office of the Imperial Guard Gericault
name for Harvard's Women College Radcliff
1st American Battle in WWI Battle of Bellau-Wood
a heiress who was kidnapped by the Simbianese Liberation Army Patty Hearst
battles in this conflict included Battle of Bad Axe Black Hawk War
"What can be done with fewer is done in vain with more" Ockham's Razor
known as the "Great Commoner"; British PM William Pitt the Elder
son in law of Thomas Hart Benton Fremont
wrote Hero Tales from American History ; Gouvernor Morris Teddy Roosevelt
lasted from 1919 - 1933; first leader was Friedrich Ebert (accepted post from Max von Baden) ; also led by Von Hindenburg; its namesake now is the capital of the state of Thuringia in Germany Weimar Republic
pop singer whose father was once a Batista bodyguard Gloria Estefan
monastic order founded in 1156; recognized by both Pope Honorius III and Innocent IV; named after a mountain in Palestine Carmelite brotherhood
founded by Francois Kisnay Physiocrats
located between Lake Mendota and Lake Menona Madison, Wisconsin
the Ist Valois King of France Phillip VI
its name is taken from Deuteronomy 32:35; told in Enfield, MA Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
founded in 1971 in Westminster, Colorado; 1980 candidate was Edward E. Clark achieved greatest success; founded the Cato Institutute; believes in choice of abortion and repeal of regulations; 1988 candidate was Ron Paul Libertarian Party
painted Blue and Green Music Georgia O'Keefe
wrote Notions of the Americans James Fenimore Cooper
wrote History of King Richard III; stayed at the Old Barge along with Erasmus; discussed penology, womans rights, divorce throught the character of Raphael Hythloday in Utopia; was Speaker of commons and high steward; wrote a Dialogue Concerning Heresies Sir Thomas More
founded Christ Church; used the Star Chamber during Henry VIII's reign to implement justice on nobles; attempted to reform the church; could not bring about annullment of Catherine of Aragon's marriage to Henry Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
wrote L'Amant in 1984 Marguerite Duras
includes Calypso's Isle (a.k.a. Gozo); is home to the Knights Hospitallers Malta
a.k.a. "The Millenial Church" was founded by Ann Lee Shakers
commanded the C.S.S. Sumter and C.S.S. Alabama (sunk by the Kearsage near French coast) Raphael Semmes
was governor of Montreal in 1760 and replaced Thomas Hutchinson as gov. of Boston; he ordered the British raid on Concord and was became the chief of English forces in America in 1763 Thomas Gage
this case involved a conflict of factions between conservatives (led by William Rehnquist) and liberals (led by Brennan); however in the end Lewis Powell gave the controversial 5th vote University of California vs. Bakke
disease caused by mutation of Delta 508 gene (which characterizes chloride ions) Cystic Fibrosis
wrote Reflections of a Public Man; succeeded Tom Foley as House Speaker Jim Wright
his pseudonym was Jawien and he published the short story The Jeweler's Shop Pope John Paul II
wrote Anecdotes of Painting in England Horace Walpole
composed Prague Carnival ; From My Life ; The Moldau ; during the course of his life he was sent to Prague's lunatic asylum and he was aslo known for having syphilis Bedrich Smetana
was senior editor for Random House Toni Morrison
wrote Lelia ; Consuelo ; Valentine George Sand
was Abraham Lincoln's chief of staff ; wrote a textbook on war Henry Wager Halleck
C.S. general who failed to stop Sherman's March to the Sea John Bell Hood
considered to hold the bones of Krishna; means "Lord of the World" Jagganath (Juggernaut)
painted Death and the Earl of Chatham Copley
wsa Nixon's chief of staff; known derisively as the Iron Chancellor Haldeman
was governor of New Mexico and Indiana; his first novel was The Fair God Lew Wallace
wrote "The Shield of Achilles" ; "The Age of Anxiety" Auden
composed Hymn to St. Cecilia which has a libretto by Auden Britten
founded in Alki Point and Elliot Bay Seattle
sculpted Escorial Crucifix; Saltcellar of Francis I; painted Ganymede Riding the Eagle; made a famous Autobiography; sculpted bust for Cosimo de Medici Cellini
capital of St. Lucia Castries
was the head of the WPA (Works Progress Administration) Harold Ickes
the Regulator army was defeated in Alamance by this North Carolinina governor William Tyron
was the 1st president of the CIO ; later led the United Mine Workers from 1929 - 1960 John L. Lewis
was interested in Lord Byron; supposedly looked like Talleyrand ; paitned The Execution of Marino Faliero Delacroix
the son of Prometheus Deucalion
author of Morals from the Book of Job ; was Pope from 598 - 604 Gregory I
was an occupation zone by US, French, British that later became known as West Germany Trizonia
designed by Richard Meier The Getty Center
wrote Libro de Arena Borges
wrote The Compleat Angler (a.k.a. The Contemplative Man's Recreation Izaak Walton
fought in the Battle of Stirling Bridge; defeated by Edward I at the Battle of Falkirk; is the Scottish national hero William Wallace
was a former Virginia governor who was exiled to the West Indies; died in GA; father of renowned general Robert E. Lee Henry Lee or Lighthorse Harry Lee
wrote Novelle Heloise; Confessions Jean Jacques Rousseau
this event involved Attorney Gen. Elliot Richardson and William D. Ruckleshaus resigning after Archibald Cox was fired Saturday Night Massacre
founded Santiniketan (Abode of Peace) ; wrote Song Offerings; Gitanjali Tagore
this ambassador to Mosocow formulated the policy of containment George Kennan
composed Fontana Mix ; Roaratorio; "I-VI' Cage
it tells of the ring of Gyges and the arguments of Sophists The Republic
main character in novel by Duboise Heyward which was the theme of an opera by George Gershwin Porgy
wrote memoir Present Past, Past Present Ionesco
this year involved such events as Urey discovering deuterium, Alfonso XIII of Spain being overthrown, and the Mukden Incident 1931
published book in (1840) "What is Property?" and said it is theft. Called for the abolition of money and also of all government above the level of the local "community assembly"; clashed with the "authoritarian Left", especially with Marx Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
founded in 1256; four major centers were Lübeck, Cologne, Brunswick and Danzig; was somewhat dissolved in 1669 after last assembly was held Hanseatic League
led the The Friends of God and Enemies of the World'; caught and executed by Hanseatic merchangts in 1402 Klaus Störtebeker
took place in 1819 in Manchester, England following an attempt to arrest Henry Hunt Peterloo Massacre
naval battle in the Greek War for Independence Navarino
founded the Women's Franchise League in 1889 in Britain Emmeline Pankhurst
his father was Yekusai; son was Ogadai; helped by Togril during his invasion of China Genghis Khan
geographic features in this country include Lake Sevana; Ararat Plain; Shirak Steppe Armenia
was protected by Frederic III of Saxony following Diet of Worms; wrote Against Murderous and Thieving Hordes of Peasants Martin Luther
connects teh Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara; known as Canakkale Bogazi in native language Dardanelles Strait (Hellespont)
Alberti's work On Painting is dedicated to this artist who discovered vanishing point perspective Brunelleschi
wrote Social Statics; A System of Synthetic Philosophy Herbert Spencer
theorized the eight psychological crisis stages Erik Erikson
devised the six stage theory of moral development (includes preconventional, conventional, postconventional) Lawrence Kohlberg
last emperor of Vietnam; name means "Keeper of Greatness" Bao Dai
cofounded the ICP; was political chief of Viet Cong Le Duc Tho
composed "Dance of the Hours"; La Giaconda Ponchielli
name of the Milan opera house La Scala
the "wheel of rebirth" in Buddhism samsara
wrote Declaration of Sentiments Elizabeth Cady Stanton
said "deeds, not words" ; founded England's Women's Social and Political Union Emmeline Pankhurst
Russian for "fist"; defeated by Stalin in 1929; higher class of Russian peasant class Kulaks
in this 1939 war; Stalin crosses the Mannerheim Line and seizes Karelia, Finland Winter War
established Santa Hermandad; their daughter was Juana the Mad Isabella and Ferdinand
composed The Coronation of Poppaea Montiverdi
wrote In Battle for Peace; edited the "Crisis" and developed the idea of the "Talented Tenth" ; wrote The Souls of Black Folks W.E.B. DuBois
his 1st published book was Legends of New England ; wrote "Snowbound"; Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier
invented by Samuel Christie Wheatstone bridge
Hegel wrote a famed biography about this man Jesus Christ
1746 battle that ended Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellion Culloden Moor
devised the Plan of Ayala; died due to betrayal of Jesus Guajardo Zapata
its 1st designated speaker and secretary was John Pory; drawn up by Governor George Yeardley House of Burgesses
ship that was captained by Charles Sigsbee USS Maine
1st climbed by Paul de Strzelecki; can be accessed by the Charlotte Pass; is part of the Snowy Mountains Mt. Kosciusko
6th century Athenian tyrant who unified Attica; is the son of Hippocrates Peisistratus
defeated by Aetius at the Battle of Chalons (451) at Catalaunian Plains; co-ruled with Bleda Attila the Hun
painted A Mad Woman with a Mania of Envy; was an avid horseman during his lifetime Gericault
PM of Japan from 1941 - 1944 Hideki Tojo
Secretary of Treasury under Madison and Monroe William Crawford
wrote the Hindu epic of Shakuntala Kalidasa
name this 1212 battle in Iberia, considered the turning point of the Reconquista Las Navas de Tolosa
Serving the shortest term of any elected Governor of New York due to his cabinet appointment, this former supporter of William H. Crawford later used the help of the locofocos to establish the Subtreasury system that replaced pet banks; 8th U.S. president Martin Van Buren
the sequel to the Winter War; included Operation Reindeer and Operation Silver Fox; The Continuation War
adopted the modern South Korean flag in the late 1890’s, but was eventually conquered by Japan; name this last Korean dynasty, who succeeded the Goryeo in 1392 Chosen Dynasty (Joseon; Josen)
name this Meiji-era Civil War, which pitted Imperial troops against those of the Tokugawa.; included Battle of Hakodate and the Satsuma Army Boshin War
Followed shortly by the Treaty of Trianon, for ten points, name this treaty forced on Austria by the Allies at the end of World War One Treaty of St. Germain
took part in the Battle of Colline Gate; launched proscriptions against the populares; doubled number of senators; rival of Gaius Marius Sulla
1796 uprising regarding a Buddhist Group in China White Lotus Rebellion
defeated soundly at Battle of Bouvines; fought Louis VIII King John of Lackland
sold his daughter into prostitution to finance his most famous building project, which can be found today next to those of Menkaura and Khafra Khufu (Cheops)
this former Mayor of Northampton mediated the Bread and Roses Strike and allied with the Winthrop Crane faction of the Massachusetts Republican Party against Henry Cabot Lodge; nominated Harlan Stone and beat John Davis; shut down a police dept. strike Calvin Coolidge
presided over the Billion Dollar Congress, which passed such measures as the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, Sherman Silver Purchase Act, and the McKinley tariff; Benjamin Harrison
Seizing power from the young emperors Ruzi and Ping after being appointed their regent and losing power to the uprising of the Red Eyebrows this is FTP, what Chinese usurper who interrupted the Han dynasty Wang Mang the Usurper
this man led the expedition that made first contact with Atahualpa; destroyed Mabila; his expedition was repulsed by the Tula Indians; died and was buried in the Mississippi River Hernando de Soto
In the controversial Winona speech, he stated that the best tariff ever was the Payne-Aldrich tariff, which he signed into law; sought to break up Standard Oil and US Steel; William Howard Taft
the three geographical regions of Romania Transylvania, Moldavia, and Wallachia
Kamose and Ahmose founded the 18th dynasty of Egypt following the expulsion of these people; were Asiatic invaders who occupied Upper Egypt during the Middle Kingdom Hyksos
shipd involved in this war include HMS Conqueror and General Belgrano Falkland Islands War
included the Battle of Great Swamp and the Turner Falls Massacre; Mount Hope was destroyed during it King Philip's War
passed the Treaty of Washington; during it the Ten Years War took place Ulysses S. Grant
has its capital at Dresden; its one-time rulers included Augustus the Strong and Frederick the Wise Saxony
started with an assault on the Bar-Lev line; included the Operation Nickel Grass Yom Kippur War
generals involved in this 1813 battle include Ney, Bernadotte (Prince of Sweden), Blucher (led Russo-Prussian forces), and Napoleon; it was part of the Trachenburg Plan Battle of the Nations (Leipzig)
name this foiled 1820 attempt to kill the British cabinet, named after the street where it was hatched; attempted to decapitate Lord Liverpool, Lord Castlereagh, and Lord Sidmouth; formulated by George Edwards and James Ings Cato Street Conspiracy
name this 1923 treaty between the Allies and Turkey, which replaced the harsher Treaty of Sevres. Treaty of Lausanne
cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the rate-cutting Walker tariff; US VP under Polk George Mifflin Dallas
unified the Carlists with the Falange and ruled Spain from 1938 to 1975; sent the Blue Division to fight in a war he stated he would not join at the Hendaye Conference; Generalissimo Franco
this post was disestablishe by the Treaty of Pressburg; Holy Roman Emperor
was a defensive alliance of Lutheran princes within the Holy Roman Empire during the mid-16th century; was intended to replace the Holy Roman Empire Schmalkaldic League
associated with the Caravan of Death and the Chicago Boys; supported policy of Milton Friedman; arrested in UK by Spanish warrant; followed Allende as ruler of Chile Augusto Pinochet
replaced Maxim Litinov as Soviet Foreign Minister; signed treaty with Ribbentrop Molotov
tried to oust Carlos Perez in 1992; formed the party MVR; organized his political initiatives into "Missions" Hugo Chavez
name this Mongol khanate located in Persia; destroyed Baghdad and killed the last Abbasid caliph Ilkhanate
name this 1389 battle at which the Ottomans conquered Serbia Battle of Kosovo Field
founder of the first Baptist Church in America; disputed with William Coddington and was pastor of Marblehead; founded Rhode Island Roger Williams
these included the Battle of Pydna and the destruction of Corinth Macedonian Wars
captured the treasure ship Cacafuego and discovered New Albion; also commanded the Benedict and Marigold; his flagship was the Golden Hind Sir Francis Drake
also known as Manden Kurufa Mali
negotiated Treaty of Munster and Treaty of Osnabruck; arranged marriage of Maria Theresa to Louis XIV during the Peace of the Pyrenees Jules Mazarin
successfully seized Wolmido Island, while men at Red Beach used ladders to scale the seaside cliffs. Intelligence had mislead the defenders into expecting an attack at Kunsan, leading to remarkably low casualties and a clear path to Seoul Inchon Landing
as Minister to Great Britain, he co-wrote the Ostend Manifesto; Andrew Jackson’s Minister to Russia; Secretary of State to James K. Polk. His own cabinet included Lewis Cass at State and War Secretary John Floyd James Buchanan
contained massive citadels and all of its dwellings had access to water and sewage systems; might be the same mysterious land of Meluhha mentioned on Mesopotamian tablets Harrapan Culture (Indus River Valley)
moved the capital to Kufa, fought to a draw at the Battle of Siffin, and defeated his predecessor’s widow at the Battle of Basra, sometimes known as the Battle of the Camel; his sons were defeated at Karbala by the rival Umayyads; the fourth caliph, ALI ibn Abi Talib
entered voluntary exile in New Orleans; he led his nation in a conflict that included battles at Tacambaro and Puebla; led a side during the War of the Reform; name this Zapotec from Oaxaca the President of Mexico from 1858 to 1872 Benito Juarez
attempt by the British to take over the Transvaal Jameson Raid
this attempted state was named after a famous Pennsylvanian; Indian raids caused it to return to North Carolina; one of its first governors was John Seviers; it eventually joined Tennessee Franklin
was present at the surrender of Camulodonum, the last British stronghold; had one wife who had an affair with Silius and wife named Aggrippina; a noted scholar who ruled between Caligula and Nero Claudius
put down in Hunan province by General Tso, and defeated outside of Shanghai by a force under the command of Frederick Ward and Charles Gordon, the Ever-Victorious Army; Led by a Hakka mystic who claimed to be brother of Jesus- Hong Xiquan & Yang Xiuqing Taiping Rebellion
this battle included General Roos and Marshal Rehnskiold; Peter the Great won the battle Battle of Poltava
defeated at Battle of Methven; The Oath of Swans was taken against him; killed John Comyn; defeated Edward II at Bannockburn Robert Bruce
included George Plekhanov and the brother of Lenin; assasinated Alexander II on March 1, 1881; aka Nardonaya Volya People's Will
second in comand to Matthew Perry aboard the USS Powhatan Henry Adams
treaty that ended seclusion of Japanese that opened the ports of Shimoda and Hakodate Treaty of Kanagawa (Treaty of Amity and Friendship)
The Martyrdom of Saint Agatha; painted the world's largest Fresco Tiepolo
appointed solicitor general in 1938; wrote Struggle for Judicial Supremacy; Harlan Fisk Stone took the post of Chief justice away from him Robert Jackson
Treasury of Secretary under Truman; Truman appointed him to Chief Justice in 1946 Fred Vinson
route from Kabul to Peshawar; begins at Shadi Bagiar Khyber Pass
highest mountain in this range near the Khyber Pass is Tirich Mir Hindu Kush
defeated Carranza and assumed presidency of Mexico in 1920 Alvaro Obregon
A coup supported by Henry Lane Wilson ousted this man who took power following the death of Porforio Diaz Francisco Madero
Italian composer who was called the "wife of Haydn" Boccherini
is the subject of the book Rihla (Travels); the book is also known as A Gift to Those who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities; Arab Marco Polo Ibn Battuta
painted Cross in the Mountains; also painted Polar Sea; a German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich
scandal that involved a romantic liasion with Christine Keeler and British PM Harold MacMillan's Secretary of War The Profumo Affair
joins the Hudson near Albany, NY; largest tributary of the Hudson; the battle of Oriskany took place near this river Mohawk River
wrote "A Pluralistic Mystic"; "Mental Effects of the Earthquake"; wrote books The Meaning of Truth ; The Varieties of Religious Experience William James
wrote the Mainau Declaration ; founded the Committe of Atomic Scientists Linus Pauling
Italian royal family that ruled Milan for centuires; its members include Bernabo, Fillippo Maria, and Gian Galeazzo(The Count of Valor), Ottone was first to become famous; defeated at Battle of Desio Visconti
made the speech "The Menace of the Political Machine"; ran with Burton Wheeler in 1924 on Progressive ticket Robert La Follette Jr.
one president of this nation was Patrice Lumumba Congo
president of Katanga following its secession Moise Tshombe
sometimes called the Fourth Partition of Poland Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
One of its leaders took the nickname “General China:”, while the last to be captured was Dedan Kimathi; unsuccessfully plotted to kill Jomo Kenyatta, but did successfully use pangas knives to kill many white settlers; anti-British rebellion in 1950s Kenya Mau-Mau Uprising
led to annihilation of Lossberg regiment and death of Johann Rall; during it James Monroe was shot in the shoulder and John Sullivan blocked retreat of British through the Assunpink Bridge Battle of Trenton
led to Treaty of Aigun, Treaty of Tianjin, and Treaty of Nanking; the Arrow was boarded which erupted in this conflict with the burning of the Summer Palace and capturing of Taku forts Opium Wars
defeated Saracens, Lombards, and Byzantines; Norman adventurer who conqured Southern Italy and Sicily during 11th century Robert Guiscard
signed treaty with Ayub Khan; invaded Goa; founded the Non-Aligned Movement with Josip Tito Nehru
1444 battle of a namesake failed Crusade; Murad II defeated armies of Poland and Hungary; took place in Bulgaria Battle of Varna
Appomatox Court House at home of this man Wilmer McLean
she was deposed in 1554 by Bloody Mary ; Paul Delaroche painted about her execution in 1834 Lady Jane Grey
third member of the triad of Sin and Shamash ; was the lover of Tammuz; Kulaba is her major worship city Ishtar
was Officer of War Information from 1943 - 1945 ; wrote The Chrysanthemum and the Sword - dealt with Japanese culture Ruth Benedict
It was signed by William III of England and Louis XIV of France on September 20, 1697. This treaty that ended The War of the Grand Alliance, and is named after a city in the Netherlands. Treaty of Ryswick
Its highest point is Monte Binga, a nearly 2500-meter tall mountain located in the Inganya range. Tete and Lichinga are major cities in this country, which is split by the Zambezi River. Has island enclaves named Likona and Chisumula Mozambique
this object was discovered by James Christy in 1978; the largest moon of Pluto. Charon
wrote Influence of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock ; wrote The High Price of Bullion; wrote Principles of Political Economy and Taxation David Ricardo
Written in part by Koshaku Hirobumi, it gradually developed from 1884 and was formally completed in 1889. Featuring a bicameral system of this is what constitution of the restored imperial Japanese state, it was replaced by Japanese constitution in 1947 Meiji Constitution
A major proponent of the International Style, he worked with Peter Behrens for four years in Germany before serving as the last director of the Bauhaus. He is known for the dictum “less is more.” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
This psychophilosopher and one-time member of the New School for Social Research is notable for such works as Motivation and Personality and The Farther Reaches of Human Nature; wrote Toward a Psychology of Being - has his hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow
Bounded on the northwest by the Sutlej River and on the east by the Aravalli mountain range, this desert sometimes called the Great Indian Desert lies on the eastern border of Pakistan. Thar Desert
Stretching from the Grand Canyon to the Petrified Forest National Park, it is covered by a soft layer of sandstone, mud, and ash. Combinations of minerals have led to the many colors seen within it. Painted Desert
This queen of Palmyra seriously threatened Roman hegemony in the Middle East during the later 3rd century CE, but she was defeated in the end and sent to Rome in chains. Her ancient kingdom was part of current day Syria Zenobia
Otto Neurath, Moritz Schlick, and Rudolf Carnap were notable members of what association of logical positivists? Vienna Circle
it contains Petermann, Macdonnell, and Musgrave mountain ranges as well as the Tanami and Gibson deserts. Further to its south are the Great Victoria Desert and the Nullarbor Plain, while its eastern portion extends into Queensland. the Outback
wrote Roads to Freedom ; Critque of Dialectical Freedom Sartre
He was captured by French forces in Sudan in 1994 after a career including an assassination attempt on Charles de Gaulle, the kidnapping of eleven OPEC ministers in 1975, and shooting the leader of the Great Britain Zionist Federation. Carlos the Jackal
composed Ascanio; Helene ; Samson et Delila. Saint-Saens
This philosopher is the author of Parerga und Paralipomena and discussed the relation of vedanta to Leibniz’s thought in 1813’s The Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, but is best known for The World as Will and Representation Arthur Schopenauer
its site has the R37 cemetery ; is defended by a wall and containes a citadel near the Indus River Valley Harappa
wrote The Trauma of Birth Otto Rank
included the the Second and Third Basket ; all European countries except Albania participated in them ; called Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe; took place between July 1973 and August 1975 Helsinki Accords
battle took place on August 16, 1777; invovled General Burgoyne and German colonel Friedrich Baum attempting to capture the namesake American supply base; took place in Vermont Battle of Bennington
possibly made by Jacob Brinkerhoff & proposed by Preston King;was Attached to the Appropriations Bill of1846 by the House of Representatives;proposed by namesake Democratic representative from Pennsylvania; moved to exclude slavery from annexed territory Wilmot Proviso
included Zhang Chunqiao and Yao Wenyuan who were minor propaganda officials in Shanghai; a textile worker, Wang Hongwen; and a former actress : Jiang Qing gang of four
This 1961 case held that the federal rule excluding the use of illegally obtained evidence in criminal trials should be applied to the states. Mapp v. Ohio
He asserted there is only one god, eternal and immutable but intimately connected with the world. He is thought by some to be the founder of the Eleatic school. Xenophanes of Colophon
He was the originator of atomism. Most of his work is preserved in the writings of his pupil Democritus. Leucippus of Abdera
Usually represented in art with a sundial, this thinker originated the idea of a cosmology. He based his on a concept called apeiron. Anaximander of Miletus
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