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ACU Pts 1

PCOM Acupunctue Points 1 Functions

Sp 3 -Tonifies the SP & resolves damp + damp heat -Harmonizes Sp & St -Regulates Qi
Sp 4 -Luo Pt -Fortified Sp & harmonize Mid Jiao -Reg. & resolve Damp -Reg Chong Mai
Sp 9 -Water Point -Regulates the Sp & resolves Damp -Opens & moves water passages -Benefits Lower Jiao
Ht 3 -He Sea -Calms the Spirit -Trans. phlegm & clears heat -Activates Channel and benefits the Arm
Ht 5 -Luo Point -Calms Spirit -Reg. Ht Rhythm -Benefits the Tongue -ACAP
Ht 7 -Source Point -Calms Spirit -Reg. & Tonify Heart
Ht 9 -Jing-Well Point -Revies consciousness -Clears heat & benefits tongue, eyes, & throat -Reg. Ht Qi & calms the Spirit
Sp 8 -Xi Cleft -Regulates menstruation & invorgates blood -Harmonizes the Sp & resolves Damp -Moderates acute conditions
SI 4 -Source Point -ACAP -Clears Heat & Reduces swelling -Clears Damp Heat & Treats Jaundice
SI 6 -Xi Cleft -ACAP -Benefits the Shoulder & Arm -Moderates acute conditions -Benefits the Eye
SI 7 -Luo Connecting Point -Clears Heat & Releases the Exterior -Calms the Spirit -ACAP -Benefits Finger Joints
SI 8 -He-Sea -Clears Heat & Dissipates swelling -Calms the Spirit -ACAP
UB 40 -He-Sea Point -Earth Point -Benefits lumbar region & knees -Cools Blood -Clears Summer Heat & stops vomiting + diarrhea Benefits UB
UB 58 -Luo Point -Harmonize the Upper & Lower -Expels wind from the Tai Yang Channel -Treats hemorrhoids -ACAP
UB 63 -Xi-Cleft -Pacifies wind -Moderates acute conditions -Relaxes the sinews -ACAP
UB 64 -Source Point -Clears the head and eyes & eliminates wind -Calms the Spirit -Relaxes the Sinews -ACAP
Ki 3 -Source Point -Nourish Ki Yin & clears def. heat -Tonifies Ki Yang -Anchors the Qi & benefits the Lu -Strengthen the Lumbar Spine
Ki 4 -Luo Point -Reinforce the Ki -Anchors the Qi & benefits the Lu -Strenghten the Will & dispels Fear
Ki 5 -Xi-Cleft -Reg. the Ren & Chong vessels -Benefits Menstruation
Ki 10 -Water Point -He-Sea Point -Clears Damp Heat from Lower Jiao -Benefits the Ki -ACAP
St 42 -Source Point -Clears heat from St Channel -Harmonize St fu organ -Calms Spirit -ACAP
Ren 4 -Fortifies Original Qi and Benefits Essence; Tonifies & nourishes the Ki; Warms & tonfies the Sp; Benefits the uterus & assists conception; Regulates the Lower Jiao & benefits the UB; Regualtes SI Qi; Restores collapse of Yang
Ren 12 St. Front Mu; Harmonizes the Middle Jiao & descends rebellion; Tonifies the St & fortifies the Sp; Regulates Qi and Alleviates pain
Ren 17 PC Front Mu; Regualtes Qi & unbids the chest; Descends rebellion of the Lung & Stomach; Benefits Gathering Qi (Zhong Qi); Benefits the breasts & promotes lactation
Du 1 Luo of the Du Vessel; Treats Hemorrhoids; Benefits the 2 lower Yin; ACAP; Calms the Spirit
Du 4 Clears Heat; Regulates the; Tonfies the Kidney; Benefits the Lumbar Spine
Du 14 Meeting Point of the Yang Channels; Expels wind & firms the exterior; clears heat; treats malaria; tonifies deficiency; Pacifies wind
Du 20 Pacifies Wind & Subdues Yang, Raises Yang & counters prolapse, Benefits the head & sense organs; Nourishes the Sea of Marrow; Benefits the brain & calms Shen
Lu 5 Water Point/ He-Sea Point; Clears heat form Lu & descends rebellious Qi, Regulates the water passages; activates the channel; Relaxes the sinews & alleviates pain
Lu 6 Xi-Cleft; Disseminates (disperses) and descends lung Qi; Clears heat & moistens the lung; clears heat & stops bleeding
Lu 7 Luo Poin; Master Point of Ren; Relaxes the Ext. & expels wind; promotes descending of Lu; Pacifies wind & phlegm; Benefits head & nape; Opens and regualtes the Ren; regulates the water passages
Lu 9 Source Point; Shu-Stream Point; Meeting Point of Vessels; Tonifies the Lu & transforms phlegm; promotes the descending function of the Lu; Regulates & harmonizes the 100 vessels; ACAP
LI 4 Regualtes Wei Qi & adjusts sweating; Expels wind & releases the Ext.; Regulates the face & eyes, nose, mouth, & ears; ACAP; Induces Labor; Restores Yang
LI 6 Luo Point; Expels wind & clears heat; Opens & regulates water passages
LI 7 Xi-Cleft; Clears heat & detox poison; Moderates acute conditions; regualtes & harmonizes the Intestines & St; Clears Yang Ming Fire & Calms the Spirit
LI 11 Clears Heat; Earth Point; Cools blood; Eliminates wind, drains damp, alleviate itching; regualtes Qi & blood; ACAP; He-Sea Point
St 34 Xi-Cleft Point; ACAP; Harmonizes St & alleviates Pain; Moderates acute conditions
St 36 Lower He-Sea of the St; Earth Point; Harmonizes the Sp & resolves damp; Supports Correct Qi (Gu Qi) & fosters Orginal Qi; Tonifies Qi & nourishes blood & Yin; Clears Yang Ming Fire & clams the Spirit; ACAP; Revies & restores consciouness
St 40 Lou Point; Transforms Phlegm & damp; Beneftis the chest; Clears phlegm from Lu & alleviates cough & wheeze; Clears phlegm from Ht & calms spirit; ACAP
St 42 Source Point; Clears heat form St channel; Harmonizes the St fu organ; Calms the spirit; ACAP
PC 3 Water Point; He-Sea Point; Clears heat from Qi, nutritive & blood levels; Harmonizes the St & Intestines and sops vomiting
PC 4 Xi-Cleft Point; Invigorates bllod & dispels stasis; Cools blood & stops bleeding; Clams the Spirit; Moderates acute condtions
PC 6 Luo Point; Unbinds the chest & regualtes Qi; Regualtes the Ht & calms spirit; Harmonizes the St & alleviates nausea & vomiting; Clears heat; Opens the Yin Wei
PC 7 Clears heat from the Ht & calms the Spirit; Hamronizes the St & intestines; Unbinds the chest; clears nutritive level & cools the blood; Source Point; Shu-Stream Point
SJ 4 Source Point; Relaxes the Sinews & alleviates pain; Clears heat; (Source Point of the Source Qi Envoy)
SJ 5 Lou Point; Expels wind & expels the Ext.; Benefits the head & ears; Open the Yang Wei; Clears Heat; ACAP
SJ 7 Xi Cleft Point; Clears the SJ channels & benefits the ear
SJ 10 He-Sea Point; Transforms phlegm & dissipates nodules; Regulates Qi & descends rebellion; Calms Spirit; Clears heat from SJ channel; ACAP
GB 34 He-Sea Point; Earth Point; Influential Point of Sinews; Benefits the joints & sinews; ACAP; Spreads LV Qi & benefits the Lateral Costal Region; Clears LV & GB damp heat; Harmonizes Shao Yang
GB 36 Xi-Cleft; ACAP; Clears heat & detoxifies poison
GB 37 Luo Point; Benefits the eyes; dispels wind damp; ACAP
GB 40 Source Point; Spreads LV Qi & clears GB heat & damp heat; ACAP & benefits the joints; Regulates Shao Yang
LV 3 Source Point; Spreads LV Qi; Subdues Yang & extinguishes wind; Nourishes LV blood & LV Yin; Clears head & eyes; Regulates mensus
LV 5 Luo Point; Spreads the LV, regualtes Qi & benefits the genitals; Clears dampness & heat from the Lower Jiao; Regulates mensus; Treats Plumpit Qi
LV 6 Xi-Cleft; Spreads LV Qi & regulates the Lower Jiao; Regulates Blood; Drains damp
LV 8 Clears damp heat from the Lower Jiao; Benfeits the Genitals; Invigorates blood & benefits the uterus; nourishes blood & Yin; He-Sea Point
Created by: kelcox