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Assessment for identification

What are two reasons why we need quality assessment for individuals with ASD? Accurate diagnosis, strong intervention plan
If a student shows these following symptoms: lack of response when name is called, difficulties with joint attention, poor eye contact, less interest in peers, sensory-monitor difficulties, and stereotypical behaviors, what disability does he have? Autism Spectrum Disorders
When do early symptoms of ASD first become apparent? By 12 to 18 months
Among these factors: symptom severity, race, gender, parents, and attitude towards diagnosis, which factor does not contribute to delayed identification? Parents
Between boys and girls, who can be diagnosed at a later age? Girls
Among the following professionals: psychologists, neurologists, pediatricians, and any special education teachers, who cannot conduct the assessment for identifying ASD? Any special education teachers
What is one reason why children with autism tend to be identified earlier than those with Asperger Syndrome? Children with autism usually have more severe communication deficits
What do we need to do to prevent delay in accurate identification and the frustration of unanswered questions? Seeking assessment from experienced and knowledgeable professionals
Among these following factors: individual’s medical tests, observation of individual’s communication, observation of individual’s behavior, developmental levels, which factor is not required for diagnosing autism? Individual’s medical tests
If public schools want to establish eligibility for special education services and gather information to assistant in planning an individualized program for the student, what do they need to do? Conduct assessments
Among the following several components such as developmental history/parent interview, observation of student, student interview, and direct interaction/assessment of student, which one is not required for a comprehensive ASD evaluation? Student interview
What is interdisciplinary? Professionals from varied disciplines working in a collaborative manner to integrate information for diagnostic and programming decisions
What is multidisciplinary? Professionals from varied disciplines working separately
What is diagnosis? Identification of disorders such as Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorders
What is eligibility? A term is used in the public school system. It indicates that a student has a disability and an educational need for special education supports and service.
Among the following people: a psychologist, a speech language pathologist, an educational diagnostician or teacher, and parents, who is not required to be in the process of forming an interdisciplinary autism evaluation team? Parents
What is the difference between interdisciplinary assessment and multidisciplinary assessment? The results from a multidisciplinary assessment are compiled, rather than intergraded, and decisions are made with little collaboration across areas of specialty.
Created by: jungyul2