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American Lit #1

what was all literature based upon? THe politics and social events going on at that time
how does american it compared to all other countries? not stories. we had native american myths and poems diaries and speeches
what are a lot of lit base on in the US? oral things
what was the biggest genre in america? speeches
what is the basis of our lit? native american ppl
how did we get access to the native's oral traditions of lit? bc the eurpeans and natives were dependent on each other for survival
some of our first literature was what? NA myths and writings/observations of the explorers
which 3 men left behind their diaries that we consider part of our lit today? Christopher Coloumbus; Francisco Vasquez de Coronado; Cabeza de Vaca
where did our first poetry come from? puritans
1st poet in america? Ann Bradstreet
what does "puritans" refer to? a number of protestant groups that sought to purify the catholic church of england beginning in 1560. but they couldn't so they came to US
what did they puritans believe about the gov't? religion was very personal and the government shouldnt interfere. NOT separation of church and state. they just wanted to be able to worship freely
puritan religious beliefs? no one was sure of salvation; they worked hard, practiced temperance, self relience, an simplicity
puritan Politics? (3) 1. believed they should enter freely into agreements (mayflower compact); 2. elect should exert great influence on govt so foundations were christian; 3. no wiggle room. if it goes against bible its wrong
Characteristics of puritans writings. (3) 1. bible provided model for connections between bbible and their lives; 2. diaries and histories were most common form of self expression; 3. puritan plain style
The age of reason. beliefs? when? everything could be figured out of thought about hard enough; end of seventieth century lasted through 18th
father of rationalism Rene Descartes of France "i think i am, therefore i am"
2 other rationalist thinkers Gottfroed Wilhelm Von Leibniz of Germany; and Sir Issac Newton of England
The rationalist worldview? (6) Ppl arrive at truth using reason; God created the universe but does not interfere in it; through use of reason, people can discover Gods rules. Ppl good; ppl worship God best by helping others;Human History marked by progress toward more perfect existence
Important american deists? world view? Franklin, jefferson, washington, paine; rationalist
what united the NA to puritans? year? Mohawk leader Dekanawida established Iroquios Confederacy in 1500
Mayflower compact? Pilgrims adopt it before landing. land at plmouth massachuetts in 1620
What does mouting tensions between colonists and british empire lead to? year? revolutionary war in 1775-1783
What happened in 1776 2nd continental congress adopts dec of independence
Native american philosophical view? world views passed down through oral traditions emphasize cyclical nature of existence - no progress
puritans philosophical view? life is a journey toward salvation; look for signs of self-improvement and workings of God in daily lives
rationalist Philosophical view? reason and logic are God-given gifts and we must try to fond order in universe
when does slavery become legal in new england? 1620
hysteria and paranoia build how? over 100 ppl accused of which craft in salem which trials
when does epidemic of smallpox happen? where? who tries to stop it? Boston in 1721, affecting nearly half city's pop. Cotton Mather tries to stop with inoculation, but fought against.
lit of age of reason? masterpiece? major theme in essays? most pamphlets since most lit intended to serve practical purposes The Autobiography by Ben Franklin, masterpiece of this tim, on the self made man Some essays, all grounded in reality, nationalism a major theme.
all american lit has origins here? 1. Passed down from native americans to european settlers 2. Contained universal themes that still apply to lit today 3. We built on their folk traditions to make american lit what it is today.
what is oral lit? 1. Stories passed down by word of mouth that were memorized and often sung or chanted. 2. Bc so many ppl retell its passed down thru so many ppl, the details change but the story line stays the same.
Myth definition? most popular? Story that usually involves the supernatural, meant to explain the physical world (nature), usually involved the nation's traditions or religion. creation myths=most popular. Where did we come from?
archetypes def? in this case? theme or character that is repeated in lit thru history. Creation
The Sun Still Rises. Author? Genre? Joseph Bruschac; essay
The Sun Still Rises. 3 generalizations about oral traditions? 1. Always teach lessons 2. More inclusive of the natural world, animals 3. Powerful metaphors
the sun still rises. 3 comparisons btw NA and westerns views of the world? 1.American lit is dominated by humans whereas native americans dominated b y animals; 2. they world is a circle, nothing new. our is a straight line 3. The native americans believed that the spoken word was as powerful as the human being who spoke them
The Sun still rises. Importance of oral traditions? to anti americans spoken word was everything, we have a genre inlet called Oratory based on their belief.
The Sky Tree. Author? genre? archetype? from the Heron tribe, and retold by joseph Bruchac (responsible for most of the myth and native american ); Creation myth; how the huron tribe believed the earth was created
The Sky tree. explanation of the earths origin? symbolism? -explanation of earth's origin: tree fell on Turtle's back, Aatensic jumped after it, dirt was put on the turtle's back; The Sky Tree symbolized the tree in the Bible; the tree took root when it fell on Turtle and showed that life was going to continue
Coyote Finishes His work. author? archetype? metamorphoses? aspects of life on earth explained? 1. Nezpurse Tribe, translated by Barry Lopez 2. creation, the "trickster" played by Coyote 3. a common motif in myths; both Coyote and The Great Spirit; 4. the Tower of Babel; it explained how everyone got their different customs
Anne Bradstreet. who was shee? inspired by whom? Style? publishing? 1st american poet; shakespeare; puritan plain style(wrote about personal thiiinds in relation to god); never wanted them published(he brother in law had them done in england)
Here Follow Some Verses. author? used what? ryhme scheme? sets meter(rhythm)? beliefs expressed? Bradstreet; extended metaphors called CONCEITS(the conceit is her 2 houses: heavenly and earthly); AA BB CC (ryhming couplets); rhythmic tetrameter; she misses her things but should only focus on things in heaven
mary Rowlandson. who was she/what happened in her life? background? importance of her narrative? Wampanoag chief Metacomet: raid Euro settlements; took ppl to ransom them back to their families;taken captive with 3 of her children; one child died;wife of a preacher in Lancaster;1st to be ransomed sent back to her husband; what life was for ancestors
A narrative of Captivity. author? what was it? rowlandson; journal she kept while captive
a narrative of captivity. 2 allusions? character of R? 1. job's comforters. they didn't really. made things worse rather than helping her; 2.compares to jacob loss child/joseph3.Compared the puritans captives to Israelites being captive; very sad, child died in arms, shows how string and full of faith she was
a narrative of captivity. use of emotionally loaded words? 2 things that it has to do: emotional and logical appeal to audience) she used loaded words "filthy trash" "savages" to make the reader feel sorry for her and what she was going through.
a narrative of captivity. aquireing a bible? by the end of the narrative she changed her mind about them. She was wrong in her assumptions that she shouldn't judge them bc the jailer understood what was her faith
Jonathen Edwards. who? wrote what? puritan minister; "sinners in the hands of an angry God" ---changed direction the church was going in america
GREAT AWAKENING. years? 1730's-1745's
Johnathen edwards: straddled 2 ages? last puritan? very zealous puritan. also huge believer in the use of reasoning.held same ideas of deists with the exception that god left us. Wanted us to reason gods law to figure it out.; bc he was so strong in his beliefs. after his death the religion died.
Sinners in the hands of an angry god. conceits def and use? 3 of them? comparing an archer to God that the archer was god and the bow was his justice.; ppl who save selfs have as much chance as a spiderweb has from saving itself from a falling rock;Gods rath= damned up waters ready to be released at amy moment on the unsaved
SInners....angry God. Personification? Persuasive tech? Hell. It had a gaping mouth, hands grasping to swallow and grape us if we didn't accept christ as our savior;Emotionally. very descriptively talked about the horrors of hell.
sinners....God. similes? purpose? Unsaved ppl were like spiders dangling from the pits of hell any moment flames would engulf them. burn up the fine thread holding them; to get ppl saved
Olaudah Equiano. captured? slave? renamed? he was 11; 10 years..purchased freedom at age 21...went to england to fight against slavery; Gustavos Vassa
"The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudauh Equiano or Gustavos Vassa, African" Persuasive techniques? found what the most cruel? Analogies? logical and emotional appeals, facts and ex of The Middle Passage but used matter of fact Em. appeal using loaded words;; Seperation of Families;; 1. compared slavery to Per of Jews 2. circumcision(those that went of other races) white man uncircumcised
The Iroquios Constitution. author? what was it? dekanawida; oldest lving constitution (brought 5 tribes together; oldest still governing today)
The Iroquios Constitution. league of 5 nations(who)? style? symbolism? view of women? Seances, cayooga, onandaga, oneidas, mohawks(D came from here); symbol, uses lots of nature type symbolism; The great tree of PEACE (deep roots-where they grounded); eagle= foresight; Gave women rights; high place in society; democratic
Letter to John Adams. author? genre? purpose? abigial adams; personal letter; husband just been elected to draft constitution she wanted to conivnce hi to give women rights in govt
Letter to John Adams. persuasive techniques? emotional. pointed out 2 things- 1= if women have no rights then they'll rebel in laws they have to part in creating. 2= treat us kindly, make us happy so we'll make you happy.
Letter to John Adams. importance? glimpse of what political lives back then; insight to thoughts while creating our constitution and govt
Elizabeth cady Stanton. Studying law? Marriage? honeymoon? results? made aware of the lack of women's rights; Harry Stanton(abolitionist)left out that she had to obey his husband; Met susan b anthony in london;(bff who formed 1st womens rights convention-1848 in NY. came back to US and wrote the declaration of sentience
Declaration of sentience. who? persuasive tech? genre? Stanton and Anthony; parrallelism, emotional, said god created us equally; public genre
dec of sentience vs jeff's constitution? "He has". Jeff refers to king of england;;;; stanton refers to men in general
dec of sentience. some abuses of women listed? women not allowed to make rules, no property, held back form getting good jobs, man made up laws of divorce, held back education.
Alvar Nunez Cabeza da Vaca. Family? meaning of the name and origin? FAMILY: not royal but wight underneath the kit. nobility. rich MEANING OF THE NAME AND ORIGIN: Cabeza de Vaca means head of the cow; ancestor who helped spain to win a battle by marking an unguarded mouton that they could move their troops through it.
Alvar Nunez Cabeza da Vaca. spanish attempt to establish colony in florida? SPANISH ATTEMPT TO ESTABLISH COLONY IN FLORIDA: Cabeza de vaca was 2nd in demand; went through many hardships and it didn't happen.
La relacion. author? genre? purpose? De Vaca. travel doc; report to the king on failed expedition
la relacion. summery of trip? hurricane and lost 2 ships.Most deserted; 40 wandering with no help; built raft; rafts shipwrecked in Texas;starve to death til indians came to help; trekking across TX, AZ and MX where spain had settlements and were able to go home. 6 out of 200 lasted
la relacion. result for de vaca? abolitionist. wrote this to kind to stop slave trade
William Bradford. Govenor of who? began writing? GOVERNOR: founded Plymouth colony for about 30 years BEGAN WRITING: as a journal in 1630 but included things from 1620 when they were on the mayflower when they wrote the Mayflower Compact
william bradford. first published? intended to be published. Document lost. 1st published in 1856 by massachuets historical society.
Of Plymouth Plantation. author? importance? sytle? genre? purpose? IMPORTANCE: Foundations of our country; originally supposed to be city on the hill, and how it fell apart. STYLE: Puritan plain style; journal; stand as a testament to younger puritans about how faithful they were to God. a guide to younger puritans.
Of plymouth plantation. idioms? allusions? pilgrims and sailors? saying common to a part of the country Refers to boat as a female;reference to bible- wonder if they would live: compare Israelites and them wondering for 40 year;Mean sailor- few days later he died and 1st thrown over board. Pilgrims saved sailors.mercy
Of plymouth plantation. Indian relations? rough 1st year in plymouth; 3/4 of pilgrims died that winter; 1/4 who survived only survived by indians; Semaset introduced to Squanto-spoke english. Masasoet=chief. 3 formed a friendship and they taught each other how to hunt, and farm;
1st thanksgiving taight indians how to hunt and fish. they taught them how to plant
Huswifery. author? <-- who was he? edward taylor. puritan minister and poet
huswifery. published? the poetic works? Considered to be? PUBLISHED: only part of one poem his whole life. THE POETICAL WORKS: stored in Yale library. until 1939 his poems got published in a book "The poetical works of edward taylor";most brilliant and complex poet that america had until walt whitman.
housewifery. meanign? conceit? style? rhyme scheme? purpose? "taking care of household"; compared becoming like God to a robe; P plain style; ABABCC; this poem "hopes that you get saved by living your life "
William Bryd. caviler? puritans die out and these take over; go against everything puritians stand for
who were cavilers? christian? southern planters; william bryd; not christian
what was willliam bryd called? renaissance man;
description of Bryd resurrected the greek and latin learning;art and entertainment;translated greek and latin classics read and write well;poetry;loved math/often wrote about it;stands between the end of the colonial period and before the romantiic period
The History of the Dividing line. author? genre? tone? bryd; means to make fun of something to make a change...used satire to pint our follies of VA planters who he thought were very hypocritical ppl; Sarcastic, humorous, flippant
Byrd's immigrants / bradfords pilgrims--- compare both talking about early settlers in America ;;; Bryd= Mass, immigrants, group of trouble makers-- hypocrites ;;bradford= VA pilgrims-- someone who takes a holy journey;serious, hard working, godly people. who came to America to be people of God.
The history of the dividing line. style? Purpose? Indian relations? "latinate"- elegant&formal bc of his training in latin and greek; hoped the VA planters realized they were hypocrites; believed if people stopped thinking so highly of themselves, they could have a strong relationship with the indians that would last  
The History of the Dividing Line. Indian Religion?    - natural religion (3 things in common)        1. belief in a supreme god        2. all believe in a distinction between right and wrong..        3. all believe in an afterlife where good is rewarded and evil is punished.
Phyllis Wheatly. captured? english? her poems? freedom? died? age 7 or8; master in 16 m; very wupportiv eof america; treat good by owner/given freedon but chose to stay; died in 30's bc personal troubles--3 kids died, husband bankrupt.
"To the right honorable" author? persuasive tech? rhyme? "That Soul"? style? Wheatly; used analogies of tyranny of slavery to tyrannies of british to the americans--emotional appeal;;couplet;;in reference to the slaver who kidnapped her as a child;; used formalized writing style w/ Latinate vocal, elevated diction, and inversions.
Benjamin franklin. Jobs? statesman;diplomat or;negotiator;rep of CC;dec of ind; printer(1st job); inventor(stove,lenses,harmonica,rocking chair);writer(poor richards almanac, newspaper,autobiography)
Ben Franklin. ambassador?--fav? character? view of moral perfection? france(fav) and england;; hard worker, reason to become better, god by own virtues, good w/ ppl and laugh at self;; believed humans could get to perfection on our own w/ self-control and goals,
Franklin. religion? irony? analogy? decided it wasn't fofr him; tone = ironic, mocks younger self for thinking he could live w/o flaws; compare tackling all the virtues at once to pulling weeds from garden, both get frustrated if tried all at once
Franklin's 13 virtues? 1. temperance 2. silence 3. order 4. resolution 5. frugality 6. industry 7. sincerity 8. justice 9. moderation 10. cleanliness 11. tranquility 12. chastity 13. humility
Franklin. aphorisms? location? pseudonym? implied metaphorss? Poor Richard's Almanak; short sayings about life; top and bottom of page; Richard Saunders; higly successful; aphorisms used these, do not explicitly state the 2 things being compared
Speech to VA convention. author? act speaking against? famous line became war cry for revolution? Patrick Henry; boston tea party; "giv eme liberty or give me death"
Speech to VA convention. kidn of speech? appeal? persuasive speech; called king of britian Judas, famous line, stated facts britian did against them
Speech to VA convention. allusions? 1. sirens= britian=lure men to death 2. ezekial=blind and death to truths of God= B and to what britian is doing to them 3. bein turned into beasts by britian= odyssey Circe.
Crisis #1. author? pamphlet? paine. common sense.
Crisis #1. literary device used most? kind of writing? arguments? alliterations. persuasive; emotional appeal-God on their side, they couldn't lose-britian should have been better parents
Crisis #1. imagery? Sunshine patriot and summer soilder. = only loyal when things are going well = telling them not to do this
persuasive tech used in dec of ind? logical (laws of nature) emotional (loaded words showing evil britian (ex. harass and swarms))
Jeff's parrallisim in the Dec? who did Jeff get ideas for Dec? "he has" referring to ing of britian. listed things he refused to do to help them;; locke, dekanawida's iroquios constitution
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