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Learning Self

Vocabulary for learning about your self and careers

Skills a person has developed Abilities
Natural talents and the potential to learn quickly and easily Aptitudes
How you react to a situation Attitude
Capable of existing or performing together in an agreeable manner Compatible
Ideas, subjects or activities a person enjoys Interests
Something you feel great enthusiasm for and feel strongly about Passions
The group of traits that makes each person unique Personality
All the items or qualities people have or can use to help get what they want Resources
What you know and feel about yourself Self Concept
All beliefs, ideas, and objects that are important to someone Values
The different parts you play in your life. Such as student, son or daughter. Roles
The work a person does for pay. Occupation
Work or recreational activities that a person is well-suited for. It usually relates to a person's talent. It refers to being qualified, trained and talented in a certain field. Vocation
Created by: sredmonj