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Wordly Wise - L2

Wordly Wise Lession 2

Climate the average weather condition of an area
affect to bring about a change in
affect to pretend to be or to have
calculate to find the answer by using arithmetic.
calculate to figure out by reasoning
column a row of figures or words running down a printed page, anything arranged like that
column A tall usually stone support that holds up something
column a regular newspaper or magazine article usually written by the same person
decay to rot.
decay a breaking down or rotting
exceed to be more than
exceed to go beyond what is allowed
forbid to order not to do something
grove a group of trees growing together with open space between them.
limb an arm,leg,or wing
limb a large tree branch
mammoth very large,huge
mature to become fully grown or developed
mature fully grown or developed,adult
permit to allow
permit a written notice that allows a person to do something
resist to refuse to give in to; to withstand
resist to work or fight against
scorch to burn slightly
tower to stand above or higher than what is around it
Created by: rm2mm