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OT Founders

Phillipe Pinel 1800's French physician. Introduced Moral treatment. Gave people in insane asylums jobs to do (ie farming) to occupy their minds.
William Tuke English Quaker. Heard about inhumane treatments at an asylum in York, England and formed "York" retreat, based on moral treatment principles
Dr Benjamin Rush First physician, US Quaker to institute Moral Treatment reforms, keeping people physicall active.
Moral Treatment giving people tasks promoted overall health.
Reconstruction Aids OTs and PTs during World War I.
What role did reconstruction aids play in WW!? Validated the concepts of purposeful activity in therapy.
What type of activities did OT aides use in WW1 for patients Arts and crafts
Who is considered the "Father of Occupational Therapy"? Dr William Rush Denton, Jr
What was William Rush Dunton's accomplishment? Implemented an arts and crafts regimen for patients at Shappard Asylum
What else is Dr Dunton known for? 1. Published an OT manual for nurses. 2. Served as president of NSPOT for over 20 years.
Who is considered the "Mother of Occupational Therapy? Eleanor Slagle
What type of training program did Eleanor Slagle develop? Habit training
Who organized the first professional school for OT practitioners? Eleanor Slagle
What organization was Eleanor Slagle most active in, and what was it previously called? AOTA (previosly called NSPOT.
Who coined the term, the "work cure" and what was it about? Herbert Hall. Created arts/crafts programs as treatment option for pts with chronic illness and disability.
Who served as President of NSPOT from 1920-1923? Herbert Hall
Who was George Edward Barton? An architect with multiple medical disabilities who created the Society of Arts & Crafts in Boston.
What did G. Barton open in 1914? Consolation House, whic set up as a comfortable retreat and used occupation as a treatment.
Who coined the term "occupatoinal therapy?" George Barton in 1917.
Name the first book written on OT and its author? Susan Tracy, "Studies in Invalid Occupations."
What was Susan Tracy's profession. Nursing instructor who tried to make occupations in nursing a specialty.
What did Susan Cox Johson advocate? High educational standards for the training of competent practicionrs vs training a large number of practioners.
Who was influential in establishing a presense for OT in vocational rehabilitation and tuberculosis treatment? Thomas Kidner
Who is Thomas Kidner? Friend/architect to George Barton and known for having OT in vocation system for disabled Canadian veterens from WW1.
Arts and Crafts Movement Started by John Ruskin and William Morris.
Who combined arts and crafts movement with medicine to improve health and independence? Herbert Hall
Adolf Meyer Philosophical base of OT: Holistic perspective and treating clients as a whole. -meaningful activity created health and wellbeing - give opportunities rather than rx - Swiss physician , professor of psych
. President of NSPOT for 21 years William Dunton
_______ Principles of OT Dunton's. Presented at 2nd annual NSPOT meeting.
Define NSPOT National Society for the Promotion of OT
What year was NSPOT formed? 1917
Who were the founders of NSPOT? Big Daddy Dunton "Mother" Eleanor Slagle Susan Tracy Thomas Kidner Susan Cox Johnson George Barton Herbert Hall
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