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Cuckoo's Nest

Question Review

Chief Bromden Indian,Big and Muscular,quiet(Narrator)
Nurse Ratched Handsome Woman in her 40's, leader/ward of institute,wants everything her way.
Billy Bibbit Small,Stutters, he is also very suicidal.
Cheswick He is Chubby. Cheswick thinks that he is big but he backs down.
Harding Unofficial leader before mcmurphy arrives he is an intelligent man who's ashamed of his repressed homosexuality.
McMurphy A rebellious convict sent from a normal prison. charged with, but never convicted of statutory rapetransferred from a prison work farm to the hospital.McMurphy is a very compulsive gambler.
dr. spivey ward doctor.Always did what he was told.
Mr. Turkle An elderly African American aide who works the late shift in the ward.He agrees to allow McMurphy to host a party and sneak in prostitutes one night. He is a marijuana user, and shares his joint with some of the patients during the party.
Martini patient who Suffers from sever hullucigenics .
Candy The prostitute that McMurphy brings on the fishing trip.McMurphy convinces Candy to sleep with him.
Sandy Another prostitute and friend of McMurphyShe and Sefelt sleep together.
What is one way that nurse ratched keeps her patients under control? She has the patients write anything bad they might hear, she doesn't want any of them to trust each other.
How do washington and williams treat the patients? They bully them.
What is an acute patient? one who has severe medical conditions.
What is a chronic patient? one who has long-lasting/ permanent medical conditions
What does mcmurphy call the therapy session? He calls it a pecking party, in which the patients are to turn on each other.
What is EST? Electro-Shock Therapy.
Who has had over 200 treatments of electro-shock therapy? Chief Bromden
What best does McMurphy make with the men? That he can "break-down" nurse ratched.
What does Nurse Ratched think about McMurphy? She feels like he is making her loose power.
What does the nurse try to do while McMurphy is at a meeting with Dr. Spivey? She tries to get the patients to distract McMurphy but they told her that they weren't mad at him.
What did McMurphy and the Doctor come up with to improve morale? They came up with a Carnival.
Why did the nurse deny mcmurphy's request to a visitor? she wants to show him that she is the one in control.
what kind of therapy does the nurse suggest for mcmurphy? Electroshock-therapy.
What happened when candy when to visit mcmurphy? nurse ratched got mad and yelled at him the whole time.
How has the ward changed by the end of Act one? The men have started to trust eachother. They are starting to stand-up for themselves.
When does the Chief finally talk to McMurphy? Privately when they are in their cell.
What does Nurse Ratched want Chief to do at the meeting? The Nurse Wants Chief to Talk.
Who steps in to help the Chief? and what happens? McMurphy steps in, they both receive electroshock therapy.
What goes through Chiefs mind during Electro-Shock Therapy? His father.
What happens to McMurphy at the end? He has received a lobotomy and is now in a vegetative state, silent and motionless.
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