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Selected Wars/Battle

Wars and Battles

Description of War/BattleAnswer
490 B.C.E. - Militades leads the army of Athens to victory over Darius the I and his Persian force ; Pheidippides runs to Athens (?) after this battle to tell of victory Marathon
480 B.C.E. - King Leonidas, along with 300 fellow Spartans die fighting to defend the namesake pass ; Xerxes I had a million Persians in tow Thermopylae
480 B.C.E. - Greek admirals Themistocles and Eurybiades lead the Greek fleet to victory over Xerxes I and his advisor, Mardonius Salamis
431 - 404 B.C.E. - Sparta defeats Athens which weakens Greece overall Pelponnesian Wars
338 B.C.E. - Phillip II of Macedonia crushes the allied Greek army, which results in the Macedonian conquest of Greece Battle of Chaeronea
333 B.C.E. - Alexander the Great's first important victory over the Persians ; defeated the army of Darius III Battle of Issus
334 B.C.E. - Alexander the Great defeats a committe of "satraps" - Persian governors- and Greek mercnaries ; the closes Alexander the Great has ever come to dying in battle Battle of Granicus
331 B.C.E. - incorrectly called the Battle of Arbela - Alexander delivers a crushing blow to the Persian Empire under Darius III bringing an end to the Greco-Persian War Battle of Gaugamela
479 B.C.E. - Greeks win this final major battle of the Persian Wars Battle of Plataea
279 B.C.E. - Pyrrhus, King of Epirus defeats a Roman army but a very great cost and states "Another such victory and we are lost." This statement gave rise to the term "Pyrrhic victory." Battle of Ausculum
Lasted from 246 - 146 B.C.E. - Rome defeats Carthage Punic Wars
216 B.C.E. - Hannibal defeats a larger Roman army under the leadership of two consuls. Over 70,000 Romans die in one of the worst defeats of Roman history. Battle of Cannae
202 B.C.E. - General Scipio Africanus leads a Roman army in the destruction of Carthage and victory over Hannibal Battle of Zama
217 B.C.E. - Named after a lake, it is one of the best ambushes in history. Hannibal defeats a Roman army led by Gaius Flaminus. Battle of Lake Trasimene
218 B.C.E. - One of the first major battles fought in the Second Punic War. Before this battle, Hannibal had marched his elephants and army over the Alps. Hannibal defeats Roman army under Tiberius Sempronius Longus. Battle of Trebia
Lasted from 58-51 B.C.E. - Caesar conqueors Gaul and invades Britain. Nearing the end of this war, Caesar crossed the Rubicon and incites a civl war with Pompey. Gallic Wars
52 B.C.E. - In effect, it was the last battle of the Gallic Wars. Vercingetorix, chief of the Arverni Gallic tribe, is defeated by Caesar, who employed the "scorched earth" policy. Battle of Alesia
48 B.C.E. - Caesar defeats Pompey, who in turn flees to Egypt. Caesar, with his Populares faction defeats the Optimates faction leading to the weakening of the Senatorial forces. Battle of Pharsalus
42 B.C.E. - Antony and Octavian defeat the forces of Cassius and Brutus. Battle of Philippi
31 B.C.E. - Marcus Agrippa leads teh naval forces of Octavian to victory against Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Battle of Actium
73 A.D. - Following a long siege of this fortress in Judea, the Zealots burned their possesions and committed suicide instead of surrendering to the Romans. Fall of the Masada
312 A.D. - Constantine, in an attempt to unite the empire, defeats Maxentius, the Western Roman Emperor, in this battle. Constantine is said to have seen a cross in the sky which leads to the Edict of Milan (313 BC). Battle of Milvian Bridge
378 B.C.E. - Roman army under Valens suffers a huge defeat at the hands of the Visigoths, under the leadership of Fritigern. Battle of Adrianople
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