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Short story final

vocabulary flashcards

dispel to scatter about
bluff to mislead or deceive; to fake
conviction a strong belief
elective an optional academic course or subject
ferocity extreme fierceness; intensity
linger continue to stay; delay leaving
portly stout or overweight
quiver to shake with a slight, rapid movement
scowl to look angry by drawing the eyebrows together and frowning
sheepishly with a bashful or embarrassed look
trudge to walk heavily
barren empty or deserted
frail delicate; weak and fragile
suede leather with a soft, fuzzy surface
presentable fit to be seen by people
mistrust to have no confidence in
drawl to speak slowly, stretching to vowel sound
scheme to plot or plan in a secretive way
beckon to summon or call
liberation a state of freedom reached after a struggle
inscription something written, carved, or engraved on a surface
assiduously in a steady and hard-working way
virtuous morally good; honorable
compulsory required
rehabilitate to restore to useful life
balk to refuse to move or act
eminent better than most others; very famous
retribution punishment for bad behavior
elusive escaping from capture as by daring, cleverness or skill
unobtrusively in a way that attracts little or no attention
unperceived not seen
barrage a rapid, heavy attack
pensively in a way that suggests deep thought
perpetual continual; unending
unbridled lacking in restraint or control
improvise to speak or perform without preparation
dispel to scatter; get rid of
feint to make a pretended attack in order to draw attention away from one's real purpose
bedlam a noisy confusion
evading avoiding; escaping
game ready and willing to proceed
Created by: hlofgren