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8 Irregular Vessels

Acumoxa Therapy Guide

REN MAI IMORTANT POINTS Master:LU7 Reunion w/coupled vessel:BL1,CV2 Coupled:KD6
REN MAI FUNCTIONS "Sea of yin channels"(Links bilateral yin channles, regulates their activity), regulates menstruation, nutures the fetus.
REN MAI PATHOLOGIC REPLETION SIGNS MC disorders & vaginal discharges, male urogential disorders; head and neck pains; abdominal fullness, distention & pain; mouth and tongue abscesses.
REN MAI PATHOLOGIC DEPLETION SIGNS Pruitus;heavy feeling in loins and lumbar area;shan(many kinds of abdominal pains, especially hernia-also called shan qi)
REN MAI CONNECTING VESSEL Seperated from the primary channel at CV15 & disperses downward over the abdomen. When this connecting vesse is replet, there will be abdominal stasis pain; when deplete, itching.
YIN QIAO MAI BASIC FUNCTIONS Controls ascent of fluids and descent of qi, opening and closing of eyes, & regulates muscular activity in general
YIN QIAO MAI REPLETION PATHOLOGIC SIGNS 1 General weakness of yang organs & functions with corresponding tension of yin organs & functions;aggravations that worsen at midday & improve by evening & at night(worst at sunrise);migranes,congestive headaches;
YIN QIAO MAI REPLETION PATHOLOGIC SIGNS 2 contracture and spasm along yin channel-sinews of lower limbs(with corresponding flaccidity along lateral aspect);diurnal epilectic seizures;watery eyes,heavy sensation of eyelids inability to open eyes, hypersomnia.
Created by: rhjordan