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Test 2

Review for Test 2

What did Don Quixote say he would give his squire? an island or kingdom to govern or rule
What did Sir Roland receive to show the great honor he had earned for guarding the gateway? a golden star that appeared on his shield
According to Norman Macleod's poem, we are to trust in God and do what? the right
In "The Wind is Free," what were the children going to throw in the brook before the Germans stopped them? Morana, the stuffed scarecrowlike figure of Old Woman Winter
In "Beneath the Saddle," who was with Nathan in the house when the soldiers came the first and second times? No one was with him the first time; the wounded soldier was there the second time
How had Nathan lost his father? His father had died in a battle at Bunker Hill.
In "The Dinner Party," what were the guests debating? whether women had as much nerve control as men
What lay across Mrs. Wynnes's feet? a cobra
Who earned a gold star on his shield for guarding the gateway? Sir Roland
Who broke the line for the Swiss troops? Arnold Winkelried
Who was thrown into the Guard House by the Nazis? Thomaso
In "Quest for Courage," Mafatu discovered what on the beach that would help him create tools and weapons? the skeleton of a whale
What was the name of Mafatu's closest companion? Uri
Where was the underground newspaper published? in the cellar of the bakery
What was the natural disaster occurred in "The Legend of Kate Shelley? flooding
Which 2 people groups were fighting in "The Patriot's Pass-Word?" Swiss and Austrians
Whose death opened the way for the Swiss? Arnold Winkelried's
Who served as Don Quizote's squire? Sancho Panza
Who wrote a special letter to his wife? Sullivan Ballou
Who fought windmills? Don Quixote
Who crawled across a railroad bridge? Kate Shelley
Who made a canoe? Mafatu
Who wrote "Stanzas for Freedom?" James Russell Lowell
The use of words which appeal to the senses is called? Imagery
An indirect reference to something generally familiar such as historical facts or legends is called? allusion
Who wrote Don Quixote? Miguel de Cercantes
Don Quixote thought that he was really fighting what? windmills
What did Kate Shelley stop from going to its doom? a train loaded with people
Who hid a Continental soldier? Nathan Cathcart
Who talked to a Nazi soldier? Eva
In "The Knights of the Silver Shield," why was Sir Roland disappointed to be assigned to guard the castle gateway? Sir Roland wanted to prove himself bu fighting the giants.
What story is this quote from - "Make a way for liberty!" he cried? "The Patriot's Pass-Word"
"Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them" is from what story? "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
"I took my power in my hand and went against the world" is from what story? "The Duel"
In "Courage Has a Crimson Coat," what quality stays at home to weave the clothing for the other qualities? patience
In "Stanzas for Freedom," what social evil are people encouraged to stand against? slavery
How many soldiers charged in "The Charge of the Light Brigade? 600
"You've done me a service! I cannot thank you enough" is from what story? "Beneath the Saddle"
"Never again need he hand his head before his people. He had fought the sea for life and won" is from what story? "Quest for Courage"
Who wrote "The Charge of the Light Brigade?" Alfred Lord Tennyson
A character or object that has a meaning in itself and that also represents something else is called what? symbol
A line, verse or group of verses repeated at various intervals throughout a poem or song is called what? refrain
The development of a character through the attribution of distinctive features is called what? characterization
Created by: Mrs. Howie



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