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JT flashcards

Johnny Tremain Flashcards

Apprentice A person learning a trade or art, especially one bound by a legal agreement to work for an employer for a certain length of time in return for instruction and maintenance, but has little or no pay
Parasitic living off of another life for or not self sustaining
brackish slightly salty
crucible container in which metals, ores, etc. can be melted
pious having or showing reverence for God or being religious
repousse raised in relief by hammering on the other side of a thin sheet of metal
poultice a soft, moist mass of mustard, herbs, or something else that is applied to someones body as medicine
illiterate unable to read and write, or showing a lack of education
indolent disliking work, or being lazy or idle
diffident lacking self confidence or being shy
assuage to calm or soothe someone, or to make something less intense or easier
nonchalance cool unconcerned, or indifferent
effigy a image or statue of something, which is usually a person, or an image burned or hanged to show hatred or contempt
enigmatic like a riddle, or very puzzling
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