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Civics Vocab.

March 9

Bail money paid to the court by an accused person to guarantee that he or she will appear for trial
Citizenship a member of a community with a government and laws
Civil Rights the rights of a citizen
Dissenting Opinion the written statement of a judge who disagrees with the majority decision
Eminent Domain the right of the government to take private property for public use
Grand Jury a group of citizens that decides whether there is sufficient evidence to accuse someone of a crime
Libel the criminal act of printing lies about other people
Majority Leader the leader of the majority party in each house of Congress
Minority Leader the leader of the minority party in each house of Congress
Majority Opinion a statement explaining the majority view in a case in which the justices are divided
Slander the criminal act of lying about another person to harm that person's reputation
Due Process following established legal procedures
Petition A fromal request for government action
Equal Protection no one race or gender is allowed to be discriminated against
Voting Rights says who is allowed to vote; all citizens over the age of 18
Patriot Act anti-terrorism law armed the FBI and CIA with broad new powers to help protect our country
Search and Seizure No soldier or gov't agent, or police officer can search your property without good cause
Rights of the Accused states that no one can be put on trial for a serious federal crime without a formal charge by a grand jury
domestic tranquility peace at home
rights of the accused 5th & 6th amendment
power of the states 10th amendment
power of the people 9th amendment
disaster relief FEMA- helps country in time of natural disasters
minority rights rights given to minorities
protest go against
establishment clause government can't support a particular religion
Created by: Civics123