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writer's early works

early works of writers

Things Fall Apart Achebe
Windy McPherson's Son Sherwood Anderson
Pebble In the Sky Asimov
Sense and Sensibility Austen
Go Tell It On the Mountain Baldwin
The Floating Opera Barth
Dangling Man Bellow
A Street In Bronzeville Brooks
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte
Tarzan of the Apes Edgar Burroughs
Erewhon: or, Over the Range Butler
Other Voices, Other Rooms Capote
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Carroll
Alexandra's Bridge Cather
April Twilights Cather
The Book of the Duchess Chaucer
The Wapshot Chronicle Cheever
Bayou Folk Chopin
Precaution Cooper
Almayer's Folly Conrad
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets Crane
The Gremlins Dahl
Two Years Before the Mast Richard Dana Jr.
The Concolidator Defoe
Sketches by Boz Dickens
Poor Folk Dostoyevsky
A Study In Scarlet Doyle
Sister Carrie Dreiser
Camille Dumas
Lyrics of Lowly Life Dunbar
Invisible Man Ellison
Soldier's Pay Faulkner
The Marble Faun Faulkner
An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews Fielding
This Side of Paradise Fitzgerald
Main Travelled Roads Garland
A Boy's Will Frost
Lord of the Flies Golding
A Citizen of the World Goldsmith
Desperate Remedies Hardy
Fanshawe hawthorne
Catch-22 Heller
The Children's Hour Hellman
Three Stories and Ten poems hemingway
the sun also rises hemingway
cabbages and kings o. henry
mules and men hurston
chrome yellow huxley
brand ibsen
setting free the bears John irving
roderick hudson james
from here to eternity jones
every man in his humor ben jonson
chamber music joyce
one flew over the cukoo's nest kesey
carrie king
the white peacock lawrence
to kill a mockingbird lee
our mr. wrenn lewis
a daughter of the snows london
voices of the night longfellow
the naked and the dead mailer
the heart if a lonely hunter McCullers
Buddenbrooks mann
typee melville
the grass still grows miller
gone with the wind mitchell
the bluest eye morrison
yvrnelle: a legend of feudal france norris
wise blood o'connor
down and out in paris and london orwell
the colosseus plath
ship of fools porter
pamela richardson
goodbye, columbus roth
the catcher in the rye salinger
cashel byron's profession shaw
widower's house shaw
frankenstein mary shelley
three lives stein
cup of gold steinbeck
tristram shandy sterne
dracula stoker
a week on the concord and merrimack rivers thoreau
the innocents abroad twain
the poorhouse fair updike
player piano vonnegut
night rider warren
the time machine wells
the robber bridegroom welty
the valley of decision wharton
the picture of dorian gray wilde
the trumpet shall sound wilder
cairo! shanghai! bombay! williams
the voyage out woolf
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