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SB unit 1&2

Which skills will help an entrepreneur with record-keeping, inventory, ordering, payroll, and profits? Math skills
Business owners must be able to get along with their employees, make customers feel welcome, and maintain a working relationship with business associates. These are: Human relations skills.
Entrepreneurs are willing to work until the job is finished. In this respect entrepreneurs are said to be: Persistent.
Entrepreneurs generally have high expectations for themselves and strive to achieve those expectations. Thus, they are characterized as:
Of the major factors contributing to the success of a small business, which one is affected by the lack of working capital? Financing
Jessica asks many questions and conducts┬╣ research when attempting to solve problems related to her business. What personal characteristic does this represent? Inquisitiveness
Clarence Birdseye pioneered the development of packaged frozen foods in the 1920s. He is considered a/n: Entrepreneur.
There are no coffee shops on Hatteras Island. Mike thinks that a coffee/bagel shop would have commercial value. His idea is considered a/n: Opportunity.
The inability to interpret financial records demonstrates a lack of: Competence of the entrepreneur.
Andrea is very adept at using PowerPoint to make presentations to potential investors in her business. She is demonstrating: Technical skills.
Which section of the business plan contains information about the personal and non-personal promotion for the business? Marketing plan
Which section of the business plan discusses the personal qualifications of the entrepreneur? Management team plan
The proposed business organization, including the form of business ownership, is included in which section of the business plan? Organizational plan
Plans for future expansion of the business are included in which section of the business plan? Growth plan
Product development and channels of distribution are included in which section of the business plan? Operational plan
The South Shore Grill hosted a dinner with proceeds┬╣ being donated to help local DECA members attend national competition. This represents ethical responsibility towards: Community.
Dillon's Corner sponsored a raffle to help raise funds for a new school press box. This represents ethical responsibility towards: Community
A business owner attempts to enforce a certain level of acceptable behavior for those who represent the business by creating a: Code of ethics.
Before selling a new infant car seat, the owner of Rock-A-Bye-Baby demonstrates the correct installation of the seat. The owner is demonstrating ethical responsibility towards: Customers.
The study of moral choices and values is: Ethics.
Businesses can demonstrate ethical responsibility towards customers by: Representing the merits of products truthfully.
Conner's Supermarket has a sign posted in the meat department informing shoppers of the potential dangers of eating raw shellfish. Connor's is demonstrating ethical responsibility towards: Customers.
Which employee action is a VIOLATION of ethical responsibility to customers? Cindy makes false claims about the performance of an electronics product.
A business plan can provide an entrepreneur with a start-up: Blueprint.
Created by: tonaricka