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Anemia:Impaired RBCs

Hemotology Test 3

What does IDA stands for? Iron Deficiency Anemia
What is the Most Common Anemia? Iron Deficiency Anemia
What are the 3 causes of IDA? (1.)Decreased iron intake (from diet) (2.)Increased need for iron (preganancy, lacting women, growing children) (3.)Increase loss of iron(heavy menstruation, chronic blood loss, and Intravascular hemolytic processes)
What is the Pathogenesis of IDA? It develops slowly over time.
Stage 1 of iron depletion Storage iron depletion
Stage 2 of iron depletion Transport iron depletion
Stage 3 of iron depletion Functional iron depletion (iron deficiency anemia)
Values for Stage 1 iron depletion RDW - abnormal Serum Ferritin - decreased
Effects of Stage 2 iron depletion Deficient erythropoesis Not enough iron to insert into Protoporphyrin ring to form heme causing zinc to bind instead
Values for Stage 2 iron depletion Hgb - lower Ferritin - still low Serum iron - lower TIBC - will rise % saturation - lower
Values for Stage 3 iron depletion full-blown anemia H&H - are low Ferritin - extremely low Serum iron - low TIBC - high %saturation - low
What does ACD stand for? Anemia of Chronic Disease
What is used to stain iron for slides? Prussian Blue stains hemosiderin
What is Hemosiderin? Storage form of iron
What 3 place in the body is ferritin and hemosiderin found? Liver Spleen Bone Marrow
What would a blood slide of IDA look like? Microcytic, hypochromic
What would be the CBC results for IDA? Hbg decreased Elevated RDW
What is the most common anemia for hospital patients? Anemia of Chronic Disease
What are the 6 chronic diseases associated with ACD? Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Tuberculosis (TB) Malignancies Chronic Urinary Tract Infection
Which anemia is iron abundant? ADC Anemia of Chronic Disease
What is the term for low serum iron? Sideropenia
What 2 reactions cause sideropenia? increased of hepcidin and decreased EPO production
What is hepcidin? inflammatory cytokines produced by hepatocytes in to regulate iron levels
How does hepcidin work? it blocks the uptake in the duodenum and release from marcophages for recycling; decreasing delivery to RBC
Where is Erythropoietin (EPO) produced? in the Kidneys
Created by: MrsHo