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Vocabulary Words !

lugudrious mournful, gloomy
baize an often bright- colour cotton game table covering.
boisterous noisy and unrestrained
jovial good natured
Perfunctory routinely, done mechanically
Interminably endlessly
Petulantly irritable, angrily
latency an existing condition of quality
Encroaching to go beyond proper limits
flaunted showing off
Conspiratorial haveing a secret plan, haveing to do with conspiracy
Imperceptible slight, hardly noticed
acquiesced to accept or agree by keeping quite
derisive mocking, ridiculing
feigning faking
plaintively with a tone of complaint
Emboldened made courageous
Obscured made unclear
grouping feeling without sight
unencumbered no longer burdened
catapulted launched through the air
dispelling driving away, scattering
malevolent with evil intention
incensed extremly angery
Precariously dangerously on edge
frenzy in a crazed state
unobstructed clear, without obstacles
brooded meditated moodily
flailed waved arms about
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