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power notes


some were ____, others were mainly coastal ______ and stills others _____ their food farmers, fishers, gathered
during the __ new native american groups joined these _ groups and began raising _ and building permanent _ 1600s ,crops , settelesments
the __ settled in east texas along the __ plains. they were ___ ____ farmers and fishers caddos. coastal, highly advanced
two large groups or ___ of caddo ppl the ____ and ____ lived in texas confederacies, kadohadacho, hasani
some confederacies were ___- tracing their descent through their mothers matrilineal
they often ___ with other native amreican nations sometimes wit the ___- settlers warred, european
____ eventually reduced their number; and in 1859 they were forced to move to present day ___ on a reservation smallpox, oklahoma
the ____ lived a ___ life moving from campsite to campsite in the dry brushy land of the ___ ____ __ coahuiltecans, nomadic , south texas plain
they hunted javelina, deer, bison with ___ and ___ they gathered dried ____ and grounded them into ____ bows, arrows, plant, flour
_____, or ppl belived to have the power to summon ___ and cure the ___, were important to thenm shamans, spirits, sick
by the time tx became a ___, most coahuiltecans ____ from the gulf region state, dissappeared
the ____ lied along the gulf coast and on islands between ___ and __ ___ bays karankawas , galvestion, chorpus christi bay
they used their most prized posession-__ __- for fishing dugout canoes
in the ____ when north amreican settlers moved into the area, ___ with settlers erupted 1820s , fighting, displaced
the ___ moved from present day ___ to lands along the trinity, red, and brazos rivers wichitas, kansas
___ held ___ positions and shared work with the men women, leadeership
they traded with the ____ but often fought __ settlers, who tried to bring them into spanish missions frrench, spaninsh
the ___ lived along the coast between ___ bay the ___ river aakapans, glavestion. sabine
in the 1820s the ___ moved to east texasthey learned __ and taking american ___ cherokees, english, american
between 1795 and 1816, the ___ and ___ nations moved to east tx and settled on a ___ near__ alabama coushatta, reservation, livingstion
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