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Reference Manual

Marketing All activities involved in getting goods from the businesses that produce them to the consumers who want to purchase them.
Marketing Research The collection and analysis of information that is relevant to the marketing strategy
Advertising “Paid for” promotion of a business’ products over mass media.
Publicity Media coverage that a business doesn’t pay for --- could be positive or negative.
Primary Research Data Data gathered first-hand by the researcher – surveys, interviews, questionnaires, observations.
Secondary Research Data Data obtained from the results of other people’s research – Stats Canada, government publications, research agencies.
Channels of Distribution The paths of ownership that goods follow as they pass from the producer to the consumer.
Sales Promotion Any attempt to help sell a product.
Peer Pressure The strong influence of people from one’s own social group.
Shelf Allowance The fee a manufacturer pays the retailer for preferential treatment or placement of their product.
Focus Group Company-arranged meeting of potential consumers to record observation of reactions to: the product, advertising campaigns, slogans, logos, jingles
Redemption Rate measures the effectiveness of a coupon promotion by measuring how many are used
Customer Loyalty Card cards that are stamped for every purchase, usually entitles the holder to something free
Money Something that is accepted readily in exchange for goods and services.
Barter Exchanging or trading of goods without using money
Investing Using your savings to earn more money (stocks, bonds, savings accounts)
Principal The amount deposited or money loaned within some kind of financial agreement
Simple Interest Interest is calculated only on the principal
Compound Interest Interest is calculated on the amount plus any interest already earned or charged
Guaranteed Investment Certificate Guaranteed Investment Certificate – offers a fixed interest rate over a longer period – good for larger amounts to earn interest – cannot cash out early
Term Deposit savings plan where you deposit a fixed sum of money for a specific length of time for a fixed rate of interest
Stock Market The common name for the stock exchange: a building or place where stocks and other securities are bought and sold
“Blue Chip” Company A company with a long record of good earnings, regular dividend payments, stable growth pattern and an active market for shares.
Ask Price The lowest price that any shareholder is currently willing to accept for a particular share.
Bid Price The highest price anyone is currently prepared to pay for a particular share.
Bond A certificate of ownership of a specified portion of a debt due to be paid by a government (Canada or Ontario Savings Bonds) or corporation to an individual holder and usually bearing a fixed rate of interest.
Face Value The value of a bond – amount to be paid on the maturity date.
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