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Formula Dx/Pres 16

NESA CHM Comp Exam Formulas Review 2011, Expel Dampness

Wu Ling San (Five Ingredient Powder with Poria) 3 Water Buildup disorders causing a) Tai Yang organ stage d/o w/ vomiting after drinking b) Internal accumulation d/t SP Deficiency, edema, sudden turmoil d/o c) Retention of congested fluids in LB, throbbing umbilicus, frothy
Zhu Ling Tang (Polyporus Decoction) Clumping of water (80%) and heat (20%) which injures Yin causing urinary dysfunction
Wu Pi San (Five Peel Powder) SP Deficiency w/ pronounced Damp & Qi stagnation causing skin edema
Ping Wei San (Calm the ST Powder) Damp + Cold Stagnation in SP/ST causing typical SP sx and increased desire to sleep
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San (Agastache Powder to Rectify the Qi) Exterior W/C with Internal Turbid Dampness causing stomach flu sx
San Ren Tang (Three Nut Decoction) (NC) Early stage damp (or summerheat) warm febrile disease in Wei and Qi levels causing pale, yellow complexion, extreme fatigue/lethargy
Gan Lu Xiao Du San (Sweet Dew Special Pill to Relieve Toxin) (NC) Equal Dampness and Warmth Febrile disease (or summerheat) at Qi level with more heat signs
Yin Chen Hao Tang (Artemesia Yinchenhao Decoction) Damp Heat or Yang type jaundice d/t dampness and heat accumulating in interior
Ba Zheng San (Eight Herb Powder for Rectification) Damp Heat in LB causing acute, painful urinary sx
Er Miao San (Two Marvel Pill) Damp Heat lodged in LB and lower extremities with foul smelling vaginal d/c, red hot swollen feet/knees
Zhen Wu Tang (True Warrior Decoction) KD/SP Yang Deficiency --> retention of Pathogenic Fluids causing Yin-type edema, palps in epigastrium
Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang (Notopterygium Decoction to Overcome Dampness) (NC) W/C Damp in superficial aspects of the exterior and muscle levels causing damp signs including difficulty rotating trunk
Juan Bi Tang (Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction from Medical Revelations) (NC) Bi Syndrome d/t W/C Damp obstructing the channels
Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang (Angelica Pubescens and Sangjisheng Decoction) Painful Obstruction Syndrome d/t w/c/d invading the channels w/ LV and KD Deficiency
What are the five ingredients of Wu Ling San? Ze Xie, Fu Ling, Zhu Ling, Bai Zhi
What are the five peels in Wu Pi San? Sang Bai Pi, Sheng Jiang Pi, Fu Ling Pi, Chen Pi, Da Fu Pi
What is the fxn of Gui Zhi in Wu Ling San? Facilitates Yang Qi flow to help transform dampness and disperses W/C
What are the three nuts in San Ren Tang? Xing Ren, Bai Dou Kou, Yi Yi Ren
Created by: kirem