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Formula Dx/Pres 15

NESA CHM Comp Exam Formulas Review 2011, Moisten Dryness

Xing Su San (Apricot Kernel and Perilla Leaf Powder) (NC) Exterior Cool Dryness causing VERY DRY NOSE, LIPS, TONGUE but COUGH W/ SPUTUM (late autumn)
Sang Xing Tang (Mulberry Leaf and Apricot Kernel Decoction) (NC) Exterior Warm Dryness causing MODERATE fever, HACKING COUGH and SCANTY, THICK, STICKY SPUTUM interfering w/ LU’s descending fxns (late summer)
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang (Eliminate Dryness and Rescue the LU Decoction) (NC) Warm-Dryness ATTACKING THE LU causing HACKING COUGH, WHEEZING, DRY PARCHED THROAT, IRRITABILITY
Bai He Gu Jin Tang (Lily Bulb Decoction to Preserve the Metal) (NC) Internal LU dryness d/t LU/KD Yin Deficiency w/ empty heat causing COUGHING W/ BLOOD STREAKED SPUTUM, HOT PALMS/SOLES, NIGHTSWEATS
Zeng Ye Tang (Increase Fluids Decoction) (NC) Dry intestines and constipation d/t fluids injury, floats the boat
Created by: kirem