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DX Studies

Diagnostic Studies for Physician Assistants

What are the indications for Amylase testing? -Detect & monitor the course of pancreatitis (i.e. patient presents w/ LUQ tendernes) -Most sensitive test for pancreatitis -However, not specific for pancreatitis (bowel perf, peptic ulcer, duodenal obstruciton, mumps, renal failure, DKA)
What is the clinical significance of Amylase? Aids in catabolism of carbs. Secreted from acinar cells -> pancreatic duct -> duodenum. If pancreatic cells are damaged, this enzyme is released into the bloodstream.
What can cause increased enzyme levels of Amylase? -Damage to acinar cells (acute pancreatitis) -Obstruction of pancreatic duct flow (Pancreatic Ca, CBD stone)
What is the time frame for Amylase levels? Increased amylase level is apparent within 12 hours of acute pancreatitis. Returns to normal within 48-72 hours after onset of symptoms. However certain diseases can cause persistent elevated levels (i.e. pancreatic duct obstruction).
What can cause decreased Amylase levels? Chronic pancreatitis (pancreatic cell destruction)
What are the indications for Lipase testing? Evaluation of pancreatic disease
What is the clinical significance of Lipase? Secreted by pancreas into duodenum to break down triglycerides into fatty acids. Increased lipase levels occur with damage to or disease affecting pancreatic acinar cells.
What is the time frame for Amylase levels?
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