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Zoo Cards AnimalReps

Quiz yourself on each herb category and its corresponding Zoo Card animal

Porcupine Warm-Acrid Release Exterior
Polar Bear Cool-Acrid Release Exterior
Walrus Clear Heat, Drain Fire
Arctic Fox Clear Heat, Cool Blood
Wooly Mammoth Clear Heat from Deficiency
Beluga Whale (1) Clear Heat, Relieve Toxicity
Beluga Whale (2) Clear Summerheat
Snake Purgatives
Pig Drain Dampness
Seagull Expel Wind Dampness
St. Bernard Dog Cool, Transform Phlegm Heat
Great Dane Dog Warm, Transform Phlegm Cold
Puffin Relieve Cough & Wheezing
Skunk Aromatic/Transform Dampness
Hippo Food Stagnation
Beaver Regulate Qi
Roadrunner Invigorate Blood
Lion Warm Interior, Expel Cold
Ferret Tonify Qi
Vampire Bat Tonify Blood
Grizzly Bear Tonify Yang
Turtle Tonify Yin
Camel Stabilize & Bind
Elephant Anchor, Settle & Calm Spirit
Musk Ox Aromatics that Open Orifices
Rhino Extinguish Wind & Stop Tremors
Black Widow Stop Bleeding
Deer Nourish Heart & Calm Spirit
Anteater Expel Parasites
Monkey Topical Applications
Cool Cat Clear Heat, Dry Dampness (Damp Heat)
Created by: kirem