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short story vocab

the most dangerous game

amenities pleasant ways, polite acts
bizarre odd in appearance
blandly in a mild and soothing manner
chateau a mansion as luxurioud as a palace
cosmopolite person at home in all parts of the world
debacle bad defeat, a defeat for upperclass russions like himself
deplorable regrettable
disarming able to remove anger or suspician
futile useless, hopeless
gargoyle strange and disorted animal from projecting from a building
grotesque having a strange bizarre design
imprudent very rude and insolent
indolently lazily
naive having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature
opiate any medical preparation to dull pain
palatial fit for a palace
palpable able to be touched or felt
scruples misgivings about something one feels is wrong
precarioudly dependent on circumstances beyond ones control
solicitously anxious or concerned
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