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Dev 1

Exam 1

reinscribe subtle messages that perpetuate a stereotype
bell hook woman who wrote a book about white supremacy and imperialism
where is bali? and what cultures and religion is it? southeast asia - china and asia - HINDU
BARONG everything good! male, mirror tale, four fee, bulging eyes, red mask, and wears a crown
RANGDA everything bad. witch, female, eats children, widow, evil spirits, pendulous breasts
what is the goal of the BARONG PLAY? To restore balance between good and evil forces
In the King Kong video we watched in class who is the most civilized and uncivilized? Most = invaders (Jack Black and crew WHITES) Uncivilized = KING KONG and then the naties
why did some develop more than others? four reasons guns, germs, steel. 1. domesticated animals/plants 2. Germs 3. Time of Settlement 4. East and West access better than North and South 5. Ecological barriers- only way to get ahead is to share things
SHAMAN one called upon to maintain balance, heal sickness, has supernatural powers etc. it is also called ritual specialist! It is more of an actor!!!!
what is thought of as correct theater? what often gets forgotten theater written down, theater forgotten is the oral theater tradition that is not written down (our class remembering 4 stories!)
early religions are not a matter of personal faith but what? social and civic cohesion
what was/is used in many religious ceremonies THEATER! Performing!
COMMEMORATIVE DRAMA reminds ppl who you are. no artistic value = goals achieved Rabinal Achi is one. don't know creator, everyone shares it, connects ppl to spirit - no real dialogue
where is the rabinal achi come from? Mayan/Guatemala
RABINAL ACHI commemorative drama - reminds ppl of who they are - creates connection between human and divine LINE BTW PERFORMER AND AUDIENCE IS BLURRED = communion
significance of MASKS? take away the importance of the individual
where did Rock N' Roll come from? blending of African American and European music
sustaining society vs. advancing society sustaining society focuses on the community and tradition advancing society focuses on the individual and what is new . . always advancing to better (European societies)
Appropriation take something and make it your own.
what did Brenda Dixon Gottschild say about appropriation? white culture is dependent on black culture overtly and subvertly (and the reverse) It is not noticed enough how much CULTURE we have appropriated as European from AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE
what have Europeans been taking and profiting from that is African American? style, culture, blues, Elvis Presley and his dance moves etc. MUCH MUCH MORE!
should Americans/white ppl feel guilty today? Not guilty but we SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!
what is Wayang Golek? Javanese Rod puppet Theater
KALLA demon God of time
how is good and evil in the Golek puppet story? good and evil is integrated, not separated throughout the story
what is the tree of life? It is the leaf looking structure that is used to tell the golek puppet show story - integration of good and bad KAYAN GUNAGAN
what is on the top of the tree of life and what does it mean? Lodus and it means Rama and pt. of enlightenment
where is Wyang Golek from? the island of Java Indonesia
DALONG? person that manipulates the puppets! Kathy Folley ; )
mythological characters need for companionship lead to communities of people
BAND nomadic community, 5-80 ppl, kinship based, around 35, 000 - 11,000 yrs ago *speech
TRIBE settling in fertile places domesticated grains, 100s ppl, *common language
when was an articulated language developed? 35,000 yrs ago
chieftom Fertile Crescent Mesopotamia, several 1,000 - 10,000 ppl, authority figure seen as divine, priest class decided if worthy --5000 bce *no writing yet. .
states multi ethnic, multilingual, slavery on large scale *writing develops
Ramayana class performance with puppets
kayan gunagan tree of life
where are Shaman's used today industrialized South Korea p. 45 theater book "effective way to cope with material and spiritual needs of modern society"
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