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GS Literary Terms

GS - Language Arts - Literary Terms

Jargon Specialized vocab that pertains to a certain lifestyle. (fuzz = cops) , (weed = cigarette). 1960's "slang": Heater: Gun
Epiphany When a chracter goes through a drastic change; He/She changes mostly for the better after a certain situation or experience.
Simile A comparison using like or as.
Metaphor A comparison without using like or as.
Irony Something that happens that you don't expect to happen.
Verbal Irony What is said
Dramatic Irony The audience knows.
Situational Irony If a situation is ironic
Allusion A reference made in a story to another literary source (or something the reader should be knowledgeable about).
Foreshadowing A hint to something that is going to happen.
Theme The main idea of the story.
Foil A contrast of chracters (usually one is good, one is bad).
Flashback when a chracter remebers or recalls something thta has happened which is important somehow to the story.
Mood The feeling the author creates. (Edgar Allen Poe- dark, scary).
Symbol Something that represents something else. (An idea, etc...)
Motif/symbol Corvair/mustang = power, prestige, social accetability.
Switchblade (Two-Bit) - Power, defense, fear, independence.
Dialect A way of speaking in a certain geographical location. (y'all - South)
Created by: MrGman