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English 3 Vocab

What is the definition fora appellation? a name or a title that distinguishes or identifies.
What is the definition for diphthong? a speech sound that consist of either two vowels or a vowel and a semivowel contained in a single syllable.
What is the definition for eponym? a person for whom something is or is thought to be named.
What is the definition for linguistics? the study of human speech, especially its components, structure, and nature; and how it changes.
What is the definition for neologism? a newly made up word, phrase, or expression
What is the definition for patois? a dialect other than the standard dialect of a language, especially a regional or uneducated form a speech; the distinctive language of a particular group.
What is the definition for polyglot? consisting of many groups speaking different languages; speaking or writing several languages a person who can speak or write several languages.
What is the definition for solecism? the ungrammatical usage of a word or construction of a sentence; a violation of good manners or good taste, something out of the normal or proper order
What is the definition for vulgar? spoken by or using the language spoken by the common people rather than literary, or learned people; vernacular; lacking taste or delicacy; coarse, conspicuous and excessive; pretentious.
What is the definition for amulet? an object worn to bring luck or to protect against evil or injury; charm
What is the definition for capricious? characterized by or subject to sudden, unpredictable changes; fickle
What is the definition for fatalism? the belief that all events are determined in advance by fate and cannot be changed by human means.
what is the definition for incantation? a set of words spoken as a magic charm or to cast a magic spell
What is the definition for propitious? presenting favorable circumstances; auspicious; advantages
What is the definition for providential? resulting from or seeming to result from divine will; fortunate; opportune
What is the definition for quirk? a peculiarity of behavior; mannerism; idiosyncrasy; an unpredictable or unaccountable shift in action
What is the definition for serendipity? the ability to make valuable discoveries by chance; luck
What is the definition for vagary? a wild or unpredictable notion or action; odd fancy
What is the definition for vicissitude? one of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one's life, activities, or surroundings. a change or variation
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