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Supreme Court Cases

Important Cases-Needed For Nerd Practice

CaseDate and Description
Marbury v. Madison Judicial Review
McCulloch v. Maryland Concept: Constitution,Nutshell: National Supremacy, Elastic Clause, Bank of the US
US v. Nixon Concept: constitution,Nutshell: Watergate tapes, no absolute exec rpivilege of immunity
In re Gault 14th Amendment equal protection of the law-Juveniles accused of serious crimes must be given the same rights as adults
Gibbons v. Ogden gov can regulate interstate commerce Steamboat case
Gregg v. Georgia 8th Amendment-death penalty is NOT cruel and unusual punishment
Tinker v. Des Moines free speech,speech in school ok if not disruptive
NJ v. TLO search and seizure,not unlimited search and seizure in schools but "reasonable suspicion" instead of "probable cause"
Texas v. Johnson free speech,symbolic speech- flag burning legal
Dred Scott v. Stanfford Slaves are property
Engel v. Vitale freedom of religion,separation of church and state, banned use of a prayer in NY
NY Times v. US free press,reaffirmed no priar restraint
Heart of Atlant Motel v. US private businesses cannot discriminate if they provide a public service directly tied to interstate commerce
Korematsu v. US Right to internment camps, we can relocate people seen as a threat to the US
Gideon v. Wainwright 14th-due process,incorporated right to a lawyer
Plessy v. Ferguson 14th-equal protection,separate but equal ok
Mapp v. Ohio 14th-due process,incorporated exclusionary rule
Miranda v. Arizona 14th-due process,5th/6th Amendment rights must be enforced
Brown v. Bd. of Education 14th-Equal Protection, separate but equal not fair, “detrimental effect”
Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenberg 14th-Equal Protection, states’ remedy powers were broad and powerful-yes, busing
Regents of U. of CA v. Bakke 14th-Equal Protection, reverse discrimination, quotas unconstitutional but can use race as a criteria in public institutions
Furman v. Georgia 8th Amendment-Ruled death penalty cruel and unusual punishment
Roe v. Wade right to privacy, states can’t ban abortions
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeir 1st Amendment- school adminstration may censor school newspaper articles
Leandro v. NC school funding does not have to be equal- each student must be given a 'sound basic education'
Created by: shelbylikesshoes