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Movie Maker Live

Windows Movie Maker Live Review

Before you can edit a movie, you must do this to the pieces you need for the movie: Import
Is MP3 a video or audio filetype? Audio
Is WMV a video or audio filetype? Video
Is AVI a video or audio filetype? Video
Is WAV a video or audio filetype? Audio
Is WMA a video or audio filetype? Audio
Is JPG a video or graphic filetype? Graphic
Creating this exports out a still frame from a video for use in the project: Snapshot
Effect where it appears a camera gradually moves side to side is: Pan
This transition is used to make one video gradually fade into another video or still image: Crossfade
This text features create non-moving words on a solid background: Title
This text feature creates scrolling words on a black background: Credits
This text feature allows you to put words over video or still images: Caption
Using this feature would divide a clip into two separate pieces: Split
Setting this will essentially cut off everything before that point in the video: Start Point
How many "lines" of things will you see in your project if you have music, video, and a title? Four
Video files look different in the project window than still images because videos have this on the side: Filmstrip
At the end of an audio fade out, what do you hear? Silence
The video transition where video starts as a small number of squares that come into focus is: Pixelate
Aspect ratio for widescreen video. 16:9
Aspect ratio for standard size video. 4:3
The miniature boxes that represent your video and still clips and provide small partial previews are called: Thumbnails
This video effect gives your video a brownish/tan tone, someone old style: Sepia tone
To lighten a video, use this effect: Brightness
Created by: skindawg