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GS The Outsiders

GS - Language Arts - The Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis (Narrator) -Light brown,almost red long hair -Greenish, gray eyes -14 years old
Ponyboy Curtis (Narrator) -Likes to watch movies and read -A loner -Parents killed in accident -Book smart, not street smart
Sodapop Curtis -16 going on 17 -dark gold hair -shorter, slimmer than Darry -Eyes - lively,sympathetic -Movie star handsome
Sodapop Curtis -Doesn't drink, gets "drunk on life" -Works at gas station (dropped out of school) -Very understanding, especially of Pony -Stands up for Pony
Darry Curtis -Oldest brother, 20 -6'2" tall,dark brown hair with a cowlick -Pale blue-green eyes, like ice -Looks like his father
Darry Curtis -Understands "plain,hard facts" -Cold,mean -Responsible for Soda and Pony
Dallas Winston (Dally) -Elfish face -Hair so blond it is almost white -Blue eyes, blazing ice cold "cold with the hatred of the world" -Sharp pointy teeth
Dallas Winston (Dally) -Arrested at 10 -Long record with the police -Gang fights in NY -Toughest of the gang
Steve Randle -17 -Tall and lean -Thick greasy hair
Steve Randle -Cocky, smart -Soda's best friend -Doesn't like Pony, thinks he's a tagalong -Likes cars, works at the gas station with Soda
Two-Bit Matthews (Keith) -6' tall, 18 years old -Stocky build, long rusty colored sideburns -grey eyes and a wide grin
Two-Bit Matthews (Keith) -Makes funny remarks all the time -Famous for shoplifting and his switchblade -Likes fights,blonds,and school. -Junior at high school (goes for kicks)
Johnny Cade -Youngest(next to Pony) -Smaller,slight build -Big, black eyes with a nervous, suspicious look -dark tanned face -Jet black hair
Johnny Cade -16 when he got jumped,very scared now -Rough home life - dad beats him, mom verbally abuses him -"pet" of the gang, everyone takes care of him
S.E Hinton was a (male/female) female
She was ... years old when she wrote this novel, which was her ... novel. 16, first
It was published in (year) 1967
It was a story of two juvenile ... divided by ... and ... backgrounds, gangs, social, econimic.
Her chracters are often found to reject ..., but keep a sense of ... throughout her novels authority, hope.
The novel was published in the ..., a time when ... were ... and ... in the United States. 60's, teens, outspoken, rebellious.
Her adolescence was during the ... War, which caused many ... and sit-ins. Vietnam, protests.
The adult chracters in Hinton's novels seem to be portrayed as ... individuals. weak
The only three adults in The Outsiders are Mrs. O'Briant, Jerry Wood, and ... (...) Mrs. Cade (Johnny's mom).
Economic backgrounds: ... Side Greasers, and West Side ... (Socials) East, Socs.
Setting: Takes place in (year) in (place). 1966 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
(Point of view), (Narrator) 1st person, Ponyboy Curtis.
Themes: ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ... Gang Warfare, alcohol, drugs, child abuse, murder, survival, sense of belonging.
Motifs: Recurring structures that help explain the themes ... eyes.
Imagery Appeals to the senses.
Created by: MrGman