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taming of the shreww

beginning of a Shakespearian comedy? orderly universe, all have a place in society
middle of a Shakespearian Comedy? Chaos
Ending of a Shakespearian comedy? order restored, everyone forgives and forgets a return to normal or better ends with celebration or wedding
both tragedies and comedies. common? -same basic structure -T have comic relief -C have hints of darkness and evill chars
difference between tragedies and comedies? death in tragedies
idea of relationships (1st THEME) most improtant? 1. father to daughter 2. sis to sis 3. husband to wife (Most Important) 4. master to servant
effect of social roles of industry (2nd THEME) refers to Sly rich to poor husband and wife roles in the family
marriage as economic institution (3rd THEME) money and kids
Motifs definition: (3 ex) REoccuring ideas that reinforce the themes 1. disguise 2. domestication (turn into good housewife) 3. fathers and children
2 symbols to tame Kate 1. Petruchio's wedding costume (taming kate) 2. the haberdashers cap and tailors gown
Structure FRAME STORY- play within a play
When was this written? between 1592- 1594
Sophistication of this play? Bc of disguisesand missing identities
What was the name of the story sakespeare took this from? A merry jest of a shrew and cursed wife lapped in moral skin for her good behavior
setting? italy
Baptista father of whom? kate and bianca
bianca's 3 suitors? gremio- old man, no love, only wants children hortensio- little bit of love Lucintio- cares for her
tranio is who's servant and disguised as whom? Lucintio x2
Biondello disguised tranio
Kate suitor? his servants name? Petruchio Grumio
Lucentio's father? vincentio; pendant disguises as him
imagery describes kate (4) rotten apples, fiend o hell, wild cat, brawling scold
themes in act 1 (x2) 1. marriage=economic institution -bc of money 2. relationships father to daughter, sister to sister, master to servant
Plot for Kate pay out of town man to mary her
allusions (2) 2 roman gods "by jove"(Zues) swear by his name -bianca has the voice of menerva (athena): wisdom and war
slys feelings on play uncomfortable bc he's disguised and doesn't feel right.
Petruchio's character to start with interested in money needs to find wife, love doesn't matter enjoys challenge of taming kate
suitors describing bianca. (3) jewel voice like a goddess sweeter than perfume
suitors plan to help petruchio introduce him a nd pay his wooing fees
Act 2 Theme (x1) sister to sister- jealous
emotional turning point for kate loses shrewishness bc P tries to tame her
Gremio's attempt at wooing lies and says he is rich
lucientio's attempt at wooing Bids on her. he wins bc of more money
Kate and Petruchio's characters alike? alike; quick tempered, both want control
baptista's choice for bianca luciento- he has the most money
allusion Roman goddess of the hun t- Diana
"kiss me kate; we will be married a sunday" MOST FAMOUS LINE IN PLAY P tells Kate. he didn't ask
act 3's subplot 2 disguises lucentio- (cambio) latin tutor hortensio- (litio) music tutor --play tricks on each other to win biancas love
Puns when H and L are competing for bianca's love. L uses latin sentence to reveal his identity H uses music notes to show his love
Contrast of Lovers x2 P and K= love hate; get feeling that p is fond of kate but is gonna get his way and ame her; Kate is both angry and flattered L and B= puppy love, seems to be happy but they don't have a deep relationship
when does the taming start? how? wedding. P dress as a clown, come in on sick horse, insults guess, starves kate. wants to prove that it doesn't matter how he looks or act that she will be his
act 3 THEME husband to wife (p and k) P says kate is his property and the will CONTROL and PROTECT her
"i must forsooth be forced to give my hand opposed against my heart" kate. she is forced to marry him even though she might not want to
Act 4 THEME husband to wife. who should be the head of the household?
hortesio disguised as who? litio- music tutor
lucentio disguised as who? cambio- latain tutor
tranio disguised as who? lucent
merchant/pedant disguised as who? vincentio
page disguised as who? sly's wife
tranio's trick disused as lucentio plays trick on hortensio Luciento kisses Bianca and tranio tells hortensio thats its disgusting and they should have nothing to do with her and hortensio agrees and therefore leaves Bianca to Lucientio.
Taming things P agrees with kate. (Sun and moon) doesn't let her eat. takes covers and doesn't let them sleep. throws cap and gown away.
P symobol about taming.. comparing her to what? SYMBOL for entire taming process bc he says Taming Kate is like Taming a Hunting Bird, you dangle something they want in front of them and don't let them have it until they've done what you want them to do. pretends to protect her welfare.
B and L decide to elope. 3 days they have known each other.
sly's clothes relates to Kate- doesn't matter what you put on a person, goo or bad clothes don't change you Sly- dressed as a Lord but he'll be the same poor homeless guy he was at the beginning
THis is a way to kill a wife with kindness" When P is taming Kate, he's gonna kill her with kindness and pretend to be concerned for her so that he thinks he is not mean, but he really is
"He that knows better how to tame a shrew, now let him speak; tis charity to show" P thinks he's doing a good job. challenging them to do better bc he's doing pretty good as it is
DISGUISES FAL AWAY - all chaos has to be worked out. -want to throw tranio in prison for being disguised as a rich person - vincentio shows up and they almost throw him in prison bc they thin he is in disguise but its really the pedant
irony in act 4 cambio means "to change" Lucentio is changing into latin tutor.
fire/quite flame of P and K P and K seemed to hate each other and fought constantly but they took more time with each other during the taming process and will be fine with each other.
fire/quite flame of B and L B and L had very quick courtship. basing entire reason for relationship on initial feeling....the fire. when trying to settle into quiet flame of marriage its not there and they fight!
"He that is giddy thinks the world turns around" the widow tell P this. when your first married you think everything is great but just wait
""tis a wonder, by your leave, she will be tamed so." Lucentio. Thinks kate was faking it and shes not really tamed and just acted that way bc of the bet.
1. Is shake challenging traditional gender roles. 2. We should find happiness in the roles we are assigned- not that men should rule or subjugate women opinion!
1. Who in the play is really happy at the end? K and P? B and L? Baptista? W and H? 2. Who is the real shrew in this play? - Shrew- really bad tempered opinion!
Created by: Ktfic



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