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The Rsprtry System

Medical terminology pertaining to the Respiratory system

Pertaining to a small air sac in the lungs alveolus
Black lung, caused by inhaling coal and dust anthracosis
Lack of ability to communicate aphasia
Lack of breathing, temporary apnea
Lack of oxygen in the blood or pulse asphyxia
Process of drawing in or out by suction aspiration
Disease of the bronchi asthma
A condition of the imperfect dilation of the lungs atelectasis
Chronic dilation of a bronchus or bronchi bronchiectasis
Inflammation of the bronchioles bronchiolitis
Inflammation of the bronchi bronchitis
Instrument used to examine the bronchi bronchoscope
Colorless, odorless gas used to stimulate respiration carbon dioxide
A rhythmic cycle of breathing with a gradual increase in respiration Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Sudden, forceful expulsion of air from the lungs cough
An acute respiratory disease characterized by obstruction of the larnyx, a barking cough or hoarsness croup
A dark blue condition of the skin caused by lack of oxygen cyanosis
Inherited disease hat affects the pancreas, respiratory system and sweat glands. cystic fibrosis
A hernia of the diaphragm diaphragmatocele
Difficulty in speaking dysphonia
Difficulty in breathing dyspnea
Pulmonary disease in which the bronchioles becomes obstructed emphysema
Pus in a body cavity empyema
Pertaining to within the trachea endotracheal
Nosebleed epistaxis
Good or normal breathing eupnea
Breathing out exhalation
the process by which saliva, mucus, or phlegm is expelled from the air passages expectoration
A technique for removing a foreign body that is blocking the trachea Heimlich maneuver
Spitting up of blood hemoptysis
Excessive or rapid breathing hyperpnea
Process of excessive ventilation hyperventilation
A condition of deficient amounts of oxygen in the inspired air hypoxia
An acute, contagious respiratory infection caused by a virus influenza
Breathing in inhalation
Pertaining to the larnyx laryngeal
Inflammation of the larnyx laryngitis
Instrument used to examine the larnyx laryngoscope
Severe pulmonary pneumonia caused by Legionella pneumophilia Legionnaires' disease
Surgical excision of a lobe of any organ or gland lobectomy
A malignant tumor of the mesothelium caused by the inhalation of asbestos mesothelioma
Inflammation of the nose and pharynx nasopharyngitis
Process of smelling olfaction
Central portion of the throat; mouth pharnyx oropharynx
Inability to breath unless in straight or upright position; straight breathing orthopnea
Surgery that relives snoring and sleep apnea by removing the uvula and tonsils palatopharyngoplasty
An acute, infectious disease caused by bacterium Bordetella pertussis pertussis
Inflammation of the pharynx pharyngitis
Inflammation of the pleura caused by injury, infection, or a tumor pleurisy
Inflammation of the pleura pleuritis
Pain of the pleura pleurodynia
A condition of the lung caused by inhalation of dust pneumoconiosis
Inflammation of the lung caused by bacteria, viruses or chemical irritants pneumonia
Inflammation of the lung pneumonitis
A collection of air in the chest cavity pneumothorax
A tumor with a stem polyp
Surgical excision of the lung or a part of a lung pulmonectomy
Pus in the chest cavity pyothorax
A crackling, rattling or bubbling sound heard in the chest through auscultation rale
A type of machine used for prolonged artificial respiration respirator
A condition that may occur in a premature infant in which lungs are not matured. respiratory distress syndrome
Surgical repair of the nose rhinoplasty
Discharge from the nose rhinorrhea
Subgroup of viruses that causes the common cold in humans rhinovirus
Pertaining to snoring, caused by partial obstruction in the throat. rhonchus
A chronic granulomatous condition that may involve almost any organ system of the body sarcoidosis
A serious form of pneumonia, resulting in acute respiratory distress and sometimes death severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Inflammation of a sinus sinusitis
Instrument used to measure the volume of air or breath spirometer
Substances coughed up from the lungs sputum
A high-pitched sound caused by obstruction of the air passageway stridor
Fast breathing tachypnea
Surgical puncture of the chest for removal of fluid thoracocentesis
Surgical repair of the chest thoracoplasty
Incision of the chest thoracotomy
Inflammation of the tonsils tonsillitis
Pertaining to the trachea tracheal
Pain in the trachea trachealgia
Incision into the larnyx and trachea tracheolarnygotomy
New opening into the trachea tracheostomy
An infectious disease caused by the tubercle bacillus tuberculosis
A whistling sound caused by obstruction of the air passageway wheeze
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