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REL 100 Exam 1

Study Terms for Religion 100 Exam 1

What is Animism? From the latin "anima" meaning "spirit" "soul," "life force"; a worldview common among oral religions (religions with no written scriptures) that sees all elements of nature as being filled w/ spirit or spirits
What is Agnosticism? "Not know" (Greek); a position asserting that the existence of God cannot be proven
What is Monotheism? The belief in one god
What is Polytheism? The belief in many gods
What is Omnipotent? Unlimited power
What is Ahimsa? "nonharm/nonviolence"
What is Transcendent? "climbing beyond" (latin) beyond time and space
What is Worldview? Fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing natural philosophy
What is Pantheism? The belief that everything in the universe is divine.
What is Immanent? Existing and operating within nature
What is Atman? The spiritual essence of all individual human beings
What is Ashram? "A spiritual community"
What is Brahmin? Member of the priestly caste
What is Caste? One of the major social classes sanctioned by Hinduism
What is Brahman? The spiritual essence of the universe.
What is Brahma? The God of creation
What is Bhakti Yoga? The spiritual discipline of devotion to a deity or guru
What is Bhakti? Devotion to a deity or guru
What is Bhagavad Gita? A religious literary work about Krishna
What is Avatar? An earthly embodiment of a deity
What is Jnana Yoga? The spiritual discipline of knowledge and insight
What is Hatha Yoga? The spiritual discipline of postures and bodily exercises
What is Guru? A spiritual teacher
What is Durga? "Awe-inspiring" "distant" a mother goddess a form of Devi
What is Dhyana? Meditation
What is Devi? "Goddess" the divine feminine also called the great mother
What is Kundalini Yoga? A form of raja yoga that envisions the individual's energy as a force that is capable of being raised from the center of body to the head, producing a state of joy
What is Krishna? A god associated with divine playfulness; a form of Vishnu
What is Karma Yoga? The spiritual discipline of selfless action
What is Karma? The moral law of cause and effect that determines the direction of rebirth
What is Kali? "Dark form" goddess associated with destruction and rebirth
What is Raja Yoga? The Royal discipline of meditation
What is Puja? Offerings and ritual in honor of deity
What is Monism? The philosophical position that all apparently separate realities are ultimately one; the belief that god and the universe are the same, that the universe is divine
What is Moksha? "Liberation" from personal limitation, egotism, and rebirth
What is Maya? "Illusion" what keeps us from seeing reality correctly; the world, viewed inadequately
What is Mantra? A short sacred phrase, often chanted or used in meditation
What is Yoga? A spiritual discipline; a method for perfecting one's union with the divine
What is Vishnu? God associated with preservation and love.
What is Sannyasin? A wandering holy man
What is Samsara? The everyday world of change and suffering leading to rebirth
What is Samadni? A state of complete inner peace resulting from meditation
What is Rama? A god and mythical king; a form of Vishnu
What is Vedas? 4 collections of ancient prayers and rituals
What is Upanishads? Written meditations on the spiritual essence of the universe and the self
What is Trimurti? 3 forms of the divine- the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
What is Shiva? A god associated with destruction and rebirth
What is Materialistic Perspective? The idea that religion is false, superstition is untrue, focuses more on science
What is Deism? Often called "natural religion," focuses on the belief in a creator God, a moral code, and an afterlife
What is Ludwig Feverbach? A person who believes that Gods are false and the origin of religion is fear
What is Sigmund Freud? A person who believes that religion is important for cleaning out guilt, and that people go to church/practice religion when guilty because they fear the consequences.
What is Karl Marx? A person who believes that religion is a product of the mode of production, and part of the economic base of society.
What is the Intellectualist Perspective? The idea that religion is matter of belief and a form of knowledge
What is Edward Taylor? A person who advocates the belief in spirits
What is James Frazer? A person who advocates a belief in magic
What is Dualism? The belief that reality is made of 2 different principles (spirit and matter); the belief in 2 gods (good and evil) in conflict
What is Atheism? "Not God" (Greek)- a position asserting that there is no god or gods.
Created by: adwiezel