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capter 22

Flat cells that line the outer surface of a sponge pinacocytes
Cells that regulate flow of water into a sponge porocytes
Jellylike center layer in a sponge mesohyl
Ameoboid cells in the mesohyl used for digestion and reproduction mesenchyme cells
Inner layer of cells in a sponge choanocytes
part of choanocyte that filters food collar
part of choanocyte that creates the flow of water flagella
skeleton of a sponge spicules
simplest body form of a sponge ascon
folded body form of a sponge sycon
extensively branched body form of a sponge leucon
one animal has both male and female sex cells monoecoius
reproductive capsule produced by freshwater sponges in harsh conditions gemmule
where water exits the sponge osculum
type of symmetry in sponges assymetry
cell layers of sponges endoderm and ectoderm
outer layer of cnidarians epidermis
inner layer of cnidarians gastrodermis
center layer of cnidarians mesoglea
cells used for attachment, defense and feeding cnidocytes
fluid-filled capsule with an operculum cnida
type of body support in the polyp stage hydrostatic skeleton
larval stage of a cnidarian planula
feeding polyp of a colonial hydra polyp gastrozooid
reproductive polyp of a colonial hydra polyp gonozooid
tentacle that contains the mouth of the medusa stage manubrium
class hydrozoa hydra
class schyphozoa jellyfish
location for jellyfish sensory structures rhopalium
sense light photoreceptors
sense smell olfactory receptors
move away from light negative photaxis
immature polyp of a jellyfish scyphistoma
immature medusa of a jellyfish ephrae
class cubozoa box jellies
class anthozoa anemonies and corals
type in internal symmetry of anthozoans biradial
tissue that divides anthozoans in sections messenteries
structure that attaches anthozoans to the substrate basal disc
male gametes mature first to prevent self-fertilizatin protandry
phylum ctenophora sea walnuts, comb jellies
eight bands of cilia for ctenophora locomotion comb rows
adhesive cells to capture prey in ctenophorans colloblasts
type of sexual reproduction on ctenophorans monoecious
type of cnidocyte that produces a toxis nematocyst
asexual, sessile form of a cnidarian polyp
sexual free-swimming form of a cnidarian medusa
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