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Aegis Fine Arts

The epithet for the symphony means "emotional," not the false cognate meaning "pitiful". Name this final symphony by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Pathetique Symphony
A bloody towel lies behind the title figure, who is lying in a bathtub. Name this painting of a deceased French figure, a work by Jacques-Louis The Death of Marat
One figure has his back turned to the viewer, while two other patrons face the worker behind the counter. Name this painting of a diner and its customers by Edward Hopper. Nighthawks
Name the instrument for which J.S. Bach wrote 6 unaccompanied suites, always played sitting down by Yo-Yo Ma. violin-cello
Creating one painting of a train coming directly out of a fireplace, identify this Belgian artist responsible for "Time Transfixed" as well as "The Treachery of Images", a picture of a pipe with subtext that reads "Ceci n'est pas une pipe." René Magritte
famous for the albums Birth of the Cool and Kind of Blue. Miles Davis
he is more famous for a film loosely based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, and a radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Name this lion of 20th Century American entertainment. Orson Welles
It's not The Rite of Spring, but in 1912, Vaslav Nijinsky's performance of it caused outrage in Paris. Name this work, famous for a musical Prelude written by Claude Debussy. Afternoon of a Faun
Name this Russian composer of In the Steppes of Central Asia and Prince Igor. Alexander Borodin
Name this Dutch Baroque painter of View of Delft and Girl with a Pearl Earring. Johannes of Jan Vermeer van Delft
identify this artist who also painted the Arnolfini Wedding Portrait. Eyck
Name this composer, most famous for a four-part opera involving Fafnir, Brunnhilde, and the Ring of the Niebelungs (NEE bah lungs). Richard Wagner
This composer's most famous work sees the newlywed Judith asking the title character to allow her to open seven doors.Name this composer, most famous for Duke Bluebeard's Castle. Bela Bartok
Name this painter of The Peasant Wedding and The Peasant Dance. Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Name this twentieth century art movement associated with mass production of commercial images, whose most famous member was Andy Warhol. Pop Art
Name this lover of Harriet Smithson and French composer of Symphonie Fantastique Hector Berlioz
The title girl had an undiagnosed muscular deterioration that paralyzed her lower body; it was likely Polio. Featuring a girl in a pink dress lying in some grass, identify this painting by Andrew Wyeth. Christina's World
Taking place in a Spanish prison, it tells the story of Florestan's wife, who saves him from execution by Governor Pizarro. Name this only opera of Beethoven. Fidelio
Name this opera about a Japanese geisha girl and her devotion to Lieutenant B.F. Pinkerton, written by Giacomo Puccini. Madama Butterfly
Identify this painting depicting a man murdered while taking a bath by Jacques- Louis David The Death of Marat
Name this Knight of the British Empire, who designed a total of 53 churches in London alone, but is best known for designing St. Paul's Cathedral. Wren
Called by Mozart the "king of instruments," name this large instrument often found in churches, which looks somewhat like a piano. Pipe organ
Name this 1504 oil tryptich (TRIP- tich) by Hiëronymus Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights
Name this painter who is most famous for his paintings Death of the Virgin and The Denial of Saint Peter. Caravaggio
Name this unnumbered symphony by Gustav Mahler about our planet. Song of the Earth
Name this composer of Strung Out, The Fall of the House of Usher, Music in Twelve Parts, and Einstein on the Beach, a three-and-a-half hour minimalist opera. Glass
Identify this colorful cathedral that consists of nine chapels united by a single central towerthat stands right next to the Kremlin. St. Basil's Cathedral
give the first three syllables of this system assigning a syllable to each note of the diatonic scale, the first of which doesn't actually mean "a female deer." Do re mi
". Often credited with inventing linear perspective, name this architect who is most famous for his work on the Duomo in Florence. Brunelleschi
Name this late Classical and early Romantic composer who wrote such works as the Pathetique Sonata, Fidelio, nine symphonies, and the Moonlight Sonata, who spent the last part of his life deaf. Ludwig van Beethoven
Name this sculptor most famous for large-scale public memorials, especially Mount Rushmore. Gutzon Borglum
Name this French impressionist composer responsible for popular piano music like the "Children's Corner" suite and "Clair de Lune," as well as the orchestral sketch "La Mer." Debussy
Written in 1925 as a Bolshevik propaganda film, name this silent film by Sergei Eisenstein which was voted the greatest film ever at the 1958 World's Fair. Battleship Potemkin
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