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Evaluation of Occupational Therapy Services

What are the 4 parts of a logic model? 1. components 2. objectives 3. Outputs 4. Outcomes
What is a logic model? A simplied diagram of an initiative or program used for planning and evaluating.
What does a logic model show? The connection and the sequence of events between resources, activities and outcomes
What are components? Main activities, or stages
What are the Objectives? What is expected to be done
What are Outputs? What is offered, evidence produced
What are the outcomes? Changes, Impact
Are there draw backs to logic models? Yes, they can be simplistic, inacurate, time consuming, loaded with vested interests and biased
Why are evaluations performed? Locate areas for improvement, judge value, generate knowledge
What is evaluated to determine if results/effectiveness are being achieved? Outcomes
What kind of evaluation is improvement orientated? Formative evaluation
What kind of evaluation is worth/value orientated? Summative evaluation
An evaluation for the purpose of improvement? Formative evaluation
The extent which a program produces the desired outcome? Effectiveness
Compares the costs of a program to it's benifits/improvement Efficiency
What can be done to evaluate against 'best practice'? An audit
Reviewing against a certain quality standard for credentials? Accreditation
What is formative evaluation? Continual, current assessment that aims at improvement and outputs and short term goals
Focusing on the broud longterm outcomes, evaluation jugement of worth or merit? Summative evaluation
Are formative evaluations usually performed internally or externally, why? Internally, because they care about improvement
Are summative evaluations usually performed interally or externally, why? Externally, because they are less biased about end product value
Are outputs qualitative or quantitative in nature? qantitative, how much, did we achieve
Are outcomes qualitative or quantative? Can be both
What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness? Efficiency is same results, less resources Effectiveness is better results same resources
What is Quality? Sistinguishing attributes, degree of excellence
What is accredidation? comparing with a credentialled standard
What is research? Nature of best practice
What is an audit? Compare against best practice
What is the difference between merit and worth? merit is the ability to meet the needs of those it is directed towards Worth is the value to those outside the direcct use
Does a logic model help formulate summative and formative questions? Yes, measurement of each step can be performed. Measuring the outcomes is the whole point of developing a logic model
Do objectives help formulate formative questions? Yes, by measuring the outcomes or objectives it is possible to measure areas of change
"To what extent does the university achieve it's stated outcomes" is this a formative or summative question? Summative-just measuring outcomes not looking for improvement
"Does the OT program train competent people?" is this a summative or formative question? Summative, measuring a value not looking for improvement
What part of a logic model is the begining of the model and the key ingredient? The outcomes
On finalizing outcomes, what 6 factors need to be considered? Specific- are outcomes specific Achievable-Are they reasonable Realistic-Plausable Time-when will they be studied? Meaningful-Is the outcome important and culturally appropriate? What are the possible consequences
When setting outcome TARGETS/SUMMATIVE GOALS what 3 things should be considered? What is the baseline? How realistic is the target? Is there support for the action?
What shows the connections and give a logic model it's power? The linkages/logical connections
What are the 6 ways of performing summative and formative evaluations? After only, Retrospective (hind sight), Before and After, During, Time series, Case study.
What are indicators of merit that define the characteristics of a successful program? criteria
A method of data collection, to improve cohesiveness through surveys and opinion reporting? Delphi technique
A design that describes rather than states cause? Descriptive design
The blue print for the evaluation? Evaluation plan
Used to determine causation,and explore validity? Experimental design
A graphical display of proportion and time for tasks and communicating evaluation plans? Gantt chart
An evaluation to determine worth and/or merit of the evaluation Metaevaluation
Researching specific areas of need Needs assessment
P.E.R.T Program evaluation and Review Technique
Researching to systematically investigate the effectiveness of what a program is doing and how well? Programme evaluation
A description of the critical aspects of a program and why is should work Program theory
Mechanism for monitoring quality as it approaches the outcome Quality assurance
The mechanisms for monitoring quality AT ALL STAGES Quality control
A systematic way of obtaining information or answering a question Research
Designated levels of performance to be deemed successful Standards
Cause and effect, explains the underlying logic Theory
A management approach for improving organizational efficiency by examining relationships Total Quality Management
An evaluation done for and with specific users utilization-focused evaluation
The quality that renders something/the degree something is desired? Value
What 5 factors go into a needs assessment? Identification of needs, Factors contributing, set priorities, allocation of resources
What are the 3 phases of a needs assessment? Preassessment Exploration, Assessment Data Gathering, Postassessment Utilization
What is the cyclical process of program envaluation? Needs assessment->Priority and Plan->Program Eval
What 6 dimensions of quality did Maxwell (1984) use to evaluate? Outcomes (criteria) Audit Accreditation Indications Effectiveness Efficiency
What are health indicators? summary measures of population health
In what is Donabedian famous for? His structure, process, outcome quality assessment model "Good healthcare doesn't just happen, you plan for it"
In a Donabedian model what are the three categories? Structure-Resources Process-steps to achieve outcome Outcome-effectiveness at achieving change
Booz Hamilton 1950's is famous for what? Pert (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) Chart
What does a Pert Chart do? Identify the sequence of events and time spent in each
What are the three overall intended uses/purposes of evaluation? Facilitate improvements Make overall judgements Generate knowledge
What type of evaluation is concerned with improving and providing feedback? Formative evaluation
What type of evaluation is concerned with quality, impact for acoountability and decision making? Summative evaluation
What are the Four Standards to evaluation? Utility, Feasibility, Propiety, Accuracy
What is utility? It serves the need of the user
What is propiety? Conduct in a legal, ethical way
What are the 5 types of economic evaluations? Cost minimization Cost Consequence Cost Effectiveness Cost benifit Cost Utility
What kind of economic evaluation look for the cheepest service? Cost minimalization evaluation
What kind of economic evaluation lists the value of services (looks at all the cost and outcomes)? Cost consequence evaluation
What economic evaluation examines services and compares the cost per unit of benifit? Cost effectiveness evaluation
What economic evaluation compares all the financial costs AND financial outcomes of programs? Cost benifit evaluation
What economic evaluation measures health quality or life expectancy? Cost utility
What is the purpost of a Donabedian model? Quality via structure, processes, and outcome
A PERT Chart can be used for what 3 purposes? An audit, decision making or program evaluation
What are the two types of activities in a PERT Chart? Dependent (sequential), and Non-Dependent (non sequential)
In a PERT chart steps (circles), lines and bold lines are what? circles are Nodes Lines are Vectors Bold lines represent the critical path.
Accreditation teams with use an audit to monitor progress? T, F False. Internal audits are usually used to monitor quality.
The overall quality of a service is what? Effectiveness
The overall quantity and speed of a service is called what? Efficiency
What is the purpose of the Preassessment exploration phase of a Needs assessment? Identify major need areas or issues Determine what data will be collected and how Plan phase 2 & 3
What is the purpose of the Assessment data collection phase of a Needs Assessment? Gather Data Determine the 3 levels of Need
What are the three levels of need? Level 1: Primary recievers of service Level 2: Secondary providers of service Level 3: Teriary resources maintainers
What are the three information sources for a Needs Assessment? Archival (records) Communication (surveys, interviews) Analytic- Swot, PEST, Forcefield analysis
What is the purpose of the Postassessment utilization phase of a needs assessment? Set priority of needs Creat action plan report
The Fishbone Diagram's purpose is what? List causes of problem and the effects they have for Total Quality Management
What is the purpose of a force feild analysis? Identify driving strengths and impediments restraints and identify their power.
At what point do you START to have enough force for a postential for change according to a force feild analysis? Zero
What is the first step of a Program evaluation, and what is an example of doing this? Engage stakeholders, Perform an needs assessment
What is the second stage of performing an program evaluation, what are some examples? Describe the program Mission statment, Maxwells 6 dimensions, Donabedian's SPO, PERT for timelines, Logic Model
What is the third step to program evaluation and what are some examples? Identify issues/problems Quality, Accredidation, Research, Audit, Evaluation, Need
What is the Fourth step to program evaluation? Recognize external pressures, (Financial, competition, legistaltion)
What is the Fifth step to program evaluation? State the internal purpose
What is the sixth step to program evaluation? Define the Questions-who is the user, intended use, improvement, judgment, knowledge
What is the seventh step to program evaluation? Clarify the domains/focus of the eval Formative, Summative, or both
What is the eighth step to a program evaluation? Select a theoretical approach eg. Logic Model, HE Model
What is the 9th step to a program evaluation? Design the evaluation- how going to collect data
What is the 10th step to a program evaluation? Collect data/evidence
What is the 11th step to a program evaluation? Make a conclusion, or perform a metaevaluation of the evaluation
What is the 12th step to a program evaluation? Present findings
Wht is the 13th step to a program evaluation? Follow up to ensure action and seek feedback
At ALL stages of a program evaluation what should be kept in mind? Utility, Feasability, Propriety, and Accuracy
What is a SWOT analysis? Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
What is a PEST analysis? Political, Economic, Social, Technological
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